Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meet My Pet...His Name is Peeve

Please don't collapse from shock that I am posting three days in a row.

I can't believe it myself.

But, I didn't want to give "Anonny" any more air time on MY blog.

So in my last post, I referenced two of my blogging pet peeves. I thought it would be fun to elaborate and add a couple more.

Number 1. Listen up, if you have Word Verification, TAKE.IT.OFF.NOW. You won't get spammed. I promise. I have received one spam in almost two years. Big deal. It takes the fun out of leaving a comment when you have to type "xyxoodoasmnhwjixijlsihatewordverification" 10 times because the "m" is actually two "n's" and the "w" looks like two "v's." OFF.NOW. Right after you read this.

Number 2: Comment moderation is nothing but comment jail. TAKE.IT.OFF.NOW. When I first started blogging and didn't know there was such a thing, I left a comment on someone's blog, and it kept disappearing after I hit publish. After the fifth, yes, the fifth try, I realized that my comment was waiting for the blogger police to release the handcuffs and set it free . All five comments subsequently showed up in the comment section. Same thoughts. Different wording on each. Yeah, not one of my finer moments. Again, I have been blogging for almost two years, and yesterday was my first ANONYMOUS comment that was unpleasant. And I left it there. For "Anonny" to look like the stinker he/she is.

Number 3: Lots of content that cause the page to load slowly. Please get out your dustpans and tidy up your sidebar. If not, I will come do it for you.

Number 4: Blogger itself is not a good word processor. As a matter of fact, it sucks as a word processor. And don't get me started on the comments I type that I lose once I hit publish. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones that fall into oblivion....not comment jail...into oblivion. And it's never the quick ones that disappear. It's the long witty thoughtful ones that disappear causing me to leave short and less witty ones because I didn't remember what I wrote the first time. ARRGGGH. I just don't understand why they don't publish sometimes. Wait, is that Blogger or Internet Explorer's fault? I don't know whose fault it is, but it bugs me. Alot.

Number 5: Please, please, please, I beg of you, if you mean "lose," don't spell it as "loose." That drives me bonkers. Seriously bonkers. Spell check will check for spelling not context. That is like fingernails going down the chalkboard or the squeak of styrofoam for me.

Things I didn't mention that can be construed as pet peeves are:

Advertisements on blogs. I go back and forth on this one. I haven't put them on either of my blogs because it feels like I am inviting you over for a diet coke with a fresh lemon wedge and pimping you out in the process. I like the feeling of inviting you in because you are my "friend," and I enjoy your company. Not because you can give me something. Like cash. Cash that could pay for a MacBook. Or a new chair. Or a new camera....Well, maybe ads aren't such bad idea. My husband constantly teases me about revving up the ad engine so he can retire. Oh honey, we have a better chance of earning a living with you on the golf tour than depending on my blog to support us. I have a loyal audience, but it ain't that big. Now you just keep on, keepin' on... at that office of yours.

Music on blogs. I used to have music on my blog, but then I realized I was turning the volume off when I was on my own blog. Music I liked. Music I picked. Then I realized that you may not like my music, and I may not like your music. So I dumped it and turned the volume off. I don't care if you have music or not because I don't know if you have music or not. However, I will tell you that after my kids play a round of Webkins and the volume is high, I know who has music and who doesn't...yeeeeyowch that comes in loud and clear. And to those who won't read a blog because they have music, I say turn.down.the.volume. It's that easy.


What are your blogging pet peeves? And for those of you with ads, do you make money? Or do you earn a cup of coffee at Starbucks once a month?

Just curious.

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Mama Wheaton said...

I am to new to have peeves, but I don't like the word verification thing, I never get it right. And for the record I am glad you've blogged three days in a row! I do wish there was spell check for comments though, I'm always misspelling something!

Lauren W said...

I think I agree with you on most of this. Word verification does drive me crazy, and I always get tired of slow-loading blogs (though come to think of it, mine might be one... I should check on that.). Blogger is seriously not a good word processor. Anytime I'm writing an important or long post (like a tutorial), I'll put it in Word first, and the copy and paste.
Anyway... I will admit to having ads on my blog, but one is for my sister and the other two are charities that I support, so to answer your question, I'm buying my own Starbucks :/

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I have an ad... and so far I've gotten nothing out of it. If I don't get something out of it soon, I will get rid of it, because I don't like it.

Don't like word verification

Music... in theory I like it (like Kat's picked-to-go-with-the-post music) but in practice I don't. I tend to open lots of windows from my blogroll and then just start reading, and so I end up with 5 songs going all at one time. And I have that same kids-turn-the-volume-up problem.

My own blogging Pet peeves - blind blogger worship? Does that count?

Denyse said...

Ok, Debbie, I'm taking you at your word and stepping out on faith. I'm going to turn off word verification. I didn't know what it was for in the first place, I just liked the idea of "someone looking out for my well-being" here in blog-land. Evidently, that's not the case.
And I don't like music on blogs, either.
And I've also gone back and forth on the ad thing. Not sure how it works and too lazy to figure it out. Plus I don't think I have a large enough readership to even merit Starbucks once a month.
Now, I'll hit publish and lets see if it works.

Tracy P. said...

I turned off word verication for Heather last week. Did you notice? I would turn it off for you, too, Debbie. But I will say that if I ever got another automated really nasty and vulgar comment again like the one that made me turn it on in the first place, I might very well turn it back on. Very obscene.

The slow loading pages are not my favorite. But mine has days of its own.

MacBook--yes, it would be worth it for a MacBook. Trust me, I know. Just start saving your money. :-)

Anonymous said...

alright already! the comment verification is off! :) hahaha

I think im still too new to have too many pet peeves just yet...maybe a few

I havent made up my mind about ads yet...i was approached, i have yet to make my decision.

SKELLER said...

Cracking me up again, you are. (excuse me, I sometimes speak like Yoda. Because I live with boys.)

I totally agree with you about word verification. I totally hate it. Y'know, I would hate it less if it was simple, recognizable letters. But it's not. And half the time I can't READ it, much less reproduce it correctly. I will say, tho, that when I had it, I NEVER had a single spam. Since removing it, I have had spam. Just a couple. But those couple have happened on days when another blogger glitch has kept me from deleting them (the trash can wasn't available for some weird reason).

But I can't badmouth Blogger. After all, I'm not paying a penny for my blog. :-D

Sharon (sk) said...

word verification and music. UGH... the music... I always tend to find that one blog with blasting music late at night while I'm digging around the blog world and hubby is next to me sleeping. It never fails... BOOM! MUSIC loud enough to wake the dead and shock hubby awake. I try to make sure the volume stays down, but every now and then the kids get on my laptop and spike it up. LOL

Kat said...

I DESPISE word verification. I can never tell what those letters are. And sometimes I hit publish and then don't realize that my comment wasn't published because I have x-ed out and moved on.

And what is the point of comment moderation? I have had one spam comment on mine - which was deleted. But then - SwirlGirl has had several comments with links for viagra - that she just leaves - because it amuses all of of mommies :-)

I don't mind the ads on blogs. But I do want to know if they actually make you anything! All those books on my sidebar - well, if you click on them...and then order from amazon...I get a cut. A very, very, very tiny cut. I think I have earned $2.10. I won't actually get anything until my account reaches $10 :-)

HeathahLee said...

I'm so glad you mentioned the "lose" "loose" thing. Misspelling is one of my biggest pet peeves. Bigger than word verification. Bigger than music. (and those are big)...but I get over all of it pretty quickly. Although I have seen the word "bizarre" spelled "bazaar" one too many times...GAAH!

Kathi said...

You said em all. My number one has gotta be word verification....I HATE IT!!!!! I mean absolutely HATE it. I never ever ever spell the word correctly the first time. I took it off my blog 6 or 7 months ago and I've gotten 2 spam comments since then...I deleted them...that's it! I don't know what people are afraid of. Seriously, they should just try it without it. If they don't like it they can always reactivate it.

Okay, that's it. I feel better now.

Midwest Mommy said...

Like I said yesterday word verification takes me at least a hundred tries.
Music-not so much. It drives me crazy. Especially if I forget to turn the volume off and I sneak down early in the morning to sip my coffee and read my blogs and all of a sudden Dolly Parton is blaring throughout the house and then because I have 10 tabs open with 10 different blogs I can't figure out which one it is.

Oh but how I love blogs :-)

Courtney said...

yes, yes, yes, and YES!

Swirl Girl said...

I am still not 'up' on what all the 'kids' are doing on Blogger.

I thought I turned off word verification, did I??

I wish I knew what Google Analytics was...

I wish I knew how to go direct to someone's email address to leave a comment without having to go to profile, then copy/paste email address.

I wish someone would want to pay me money to advertise on my blog. what's this about free starbucks?

Kori said...

Aww Debbie I would so come have a coke with a wedge of lime with you even if you were pimping me out.

That line is hilarious. Loved it.

I ahve alot of pet peeves but I'll save you the turmoil.

JourneytoFamily said...

Ok, I think you are talking to me with #3. Once the Twilight movie is here, I'll take that countdown off and hopefully it will load quicker!

Amen to all the rest of those. I would just add when people don't have their email addresses in their profiles, so I can't write them back after they leave a thought-provoking comment or ask me a question.

I absolutely loathe the word verification. I never type it right the first time!

And I'm not a fan of music on people's blogs. I'm always listening to music when I'm at the computer and I'm not a fan of listening to two songs at the same time. So I'm always rushing to find the person's music player so I can stop their music.

Anonymous said...

The ads aren't blazing any trials for me. I get 1/2 of one penny every time my blog reloads. (So if you visit my blog, hit refresh a couple of times.)

I've had it up for 1 month and I think I'm up around $20? I won't get a paycheck until I hit $50. I'm thinking that will happen around Valentine's Day. :P

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on all of your pet peeves.

I especially do not like the music. I sometimes make my rounds at night on my laptop after Z goes to sleep and if I forget to mute my volume....well, it startles both of us. But, to each his own I guess.

Blogger can be really frustrating sometimes when things don't save correctly....but as someone else said....its free! And I do LOVE to blog!!!

Amber said...

I hate music on blogs! I will remove my word verification now, too, just for you, even if you don't come by and visit. Thank you for posting these pet peeves, hopefully people will listen!

Vicki said...

Music sucks. You're trying to be PC because of a friend's blog aren't you ;) Admit it, being startled witless (or worse, sh*tless) because some music all the sudden starts blaring does indeed suck. One time that 'I kissed a girl' song actually started playing. Fortunately my daughter wasn't around to have to explain that one.

Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox... And I really have no idea if any of your friends play music on their blogs or not.

Julie said...

I don't like word verification nor do I like music on blogs because I will open up different windows and they are all playing at once... ugh

I also don't know why my spell check won't work...that is highly annoying to me

manic mariah said...

The word verification kills me, I think I need glasses, because I can never make it out correctly. I was making a little off of my old blog and then I murdered it and started the new one. I do get paid occasionally to write thought provoking posts. They are hard though, because they have to be approved first. YUCK

Amy said...

OH yes I agree. I took word verification off of mine. so if that is why you haven't been around lately (to my blog) then you can come back now...haha. I know you're busy, it's ok.

I hate the music too, especially when I am at work, trying to sneak in a few reads, and out it comes blaring....yikes!

Britt said...

I have to say, you hit pretty much all of mine. Except the comment moderation, which I just kinda took down for you. I only had it on because I'm a total control freak. But I think it's time I live a little, ya think? ;o)

One that isn't on your list: People that comment only to get more comments on their blogs, and aren't really interested in what the content of the blog is. I comment because I want to tell you something. Not because I expect one back. *shrug* but that's just me. :o)

Meredith said...

Coming over from Trish's blog... Saw you had an anon post from Exton, PA... I had someone look at my blog when I posted about Obama. Wow! That person did make the rounds! Anyway, love your blog, but don't come see mine... it will drive you NUTS! I have comment moderation (got spammed right after starting my blog) and I have music playing (I'm sorry, I do love the music on blogs. Apparently I'm the only one!) Again, LOVE your blog... thanks for the laughs!

Ashley said...

I really do hate word verification... but most of all I hate the Word Press word verification. On Word Press blogs who have this feature enabled, you type up your post and hit publish... that should be it right... but it then sends you to another page to do your word verification before it will post your comment. Sometimes I just hit publish then go back to my blog list to see who to visit next before realizing that I didn't do the stupid word verification on the next page and my comment is lost......

yea, I don't like that!!

Jennifer P. said...

And this is why blogging must be taught at universities across the country! :) It took me about 6 months to figure all this out!--but I have all the same pet peeves. WEll, except for the music. I LOVE the music on my blog. I feel it adds to and not detracts from my post--but I agree, volume down is a better option than leaving someone a mean comment about hating their music.

Off to read the two posts I missed :)!

Anonymous said...

I HATE word verification!

Ads don't bother me so much, as long as the blogger isn't pushy about them.

Gombojav Tribe said...

Hey! My ads actually DO make me money. Not a ton, but it is my fun money. Without my blog how would I feed my coffee habit?! :-)

And I didn't have word verification and got TONS of spam. Seriously. I hate having it, but really don't like the spam. What's a girl to do? Maybe I'll take it off and see what happens.

Thanks for the guilt trip! ;-)

One of my pet peeves? Copy cats. It seriously bugs when when I blog something I think is so clever and someone goes and does something almost exactly like it and doesn't even give me a nod. I'm not talking about memes, but other posts that are ideas and topics. It's like stealing! Plagarism! Or something awful, I'm not sure what.

Daja--who is not going to go blog all her bloggy pet least not today, because I'm not a copy-cat. After a few days has passed and no one can trace my creative license, then I might. LOL!

Gombojav Tribe said...

I just read the other comments. I'm surprised people make so little on their blog ads. I don't have THAT much traffic--not even close to you, Debbie! And I make about $80 - $100 per month.

I think it's worth it, because I would blog anyway! I'm just getting paid for feeding my hobby.

Shannon said...

I had word verification on my blog when I first started... but have since taken it off. I don't really care for it, either... but sometimes its freaky how the word verification actually makes a word!

Just yesterday I commented on a post about boobs... and the word verification was


Now, come on! That is funny.

And I have been going back and forth about putting an ad on my blog... pretty much for the same reason you've said.

Brenda said...

This is good information, thanks. I dislike music on blogs and will just close them and never go back if the blog has music. Sorry.

Caroline said...

Woman, you are on a roll!

First of all, people need to "loose" the word verification. I totally had it up until a month or so ago, but I sooooooo got tired of typing all those stupid words in just to get my comment published.

And...I'm TOTALLY in agreement with you on the whole "lose" "loose" thing. As a spelling nerd, that totally fries my biscuits, and not in a good way. However, I will not be the one to cast a stone because I'm sure I've done it on some occasion (I almost spelled occasion wrong and put an "ass" in it). Oops.

I think you need another diet coke with lemon.

Love you!

ohhollyf said...

I am the queen of misspellings, wishing for spell check on comments, too.
Blogs the are too bright hurt my eyes, and mine is bright, yet there are brighter, that hurt. Scorchingly bright, I'd post an example, but thats not nice.

Elena said...

I'm echo Kat's statement about word verification. Can't tell you how many times that's happened to me. And I'm not a love of music, UNLESS it's themed. Then I get a kick out of it. Mispellings don't irk me too badly, just because I know I do the same thing when I'm going too fast. But I really dislike adds! They just gum up the blog and I do feel like I'm being pimped. The only place I feel like adds (or is it ads?) are acceptable are on digi scrap blogs that offer their product for free. Then I'll click on the ad to thank them for the free cute stuff. And I must say that I LOVE that you posted 3 days in a row. I have missed you!!!

Evi said...

I 'm laughing out loud right now because I'm the kind of friend who would turn to you on a day like this and put my 'claws' up and meooow with heat!...and push it even further by suggesting a full moon or PMS.
THEN...I would roll into the things that peeve me too...and then ask for a second glass of whatever we are currently drinking!
Fill'er up Debbie...with an extra squeeze of lemon.

Nicki & Mathis said...

you have inspired me take off my word verification! :)

and i'm with you on the music!

Lindsay said...

Too many words, not enough pictures! If I were to write a novel, it would be really cool pictures and a word or two in there.

Lula! said...

I hate word verification.

But I love you. Always and forever. 'Cause "love will keep us together."

Christine said...

Hi Deb - dear SIL here - thought I would temporarily delurk to post a comment :)
Word Verifiction... glad to hear that so many others also have problems with it. thought it was just me
Music... I like the music. I have forgotten to turn the volume down after the kids a few times :o, always amazing what a scare that sudden sound can cause. I usually keep my volume off, but there are certain blogs that I know have the music and I will turn it up. In fact, Jennifer P and Kat's blog, I have kept on for half hour or more just to listen to the music. Always like the eclectic mix.
Oh, and this is the 2nd time typing this comment, not because the other was lost, but because younger son closed the windows so he could go to
Lose and Loose... hate to admit that those have always confused me along with further and farther. But the way I used to get around it was I just rephrased so as to not use those words. -- christine

Anonymous said...

Word verifications bug.
Moderation bugs cause I feel like I'm being judged but I can understand it.
No reply settings bug but I can kind of understand that too.

Michelle said...

How about the blogs where the content loads like 3/4 of the way down the blog and you think it's still loading? That drives me nuts!

And it's and its. Two different words people with two totally different meanings :)

Otherwise, I'm pretty much there with you on your peeves! Glad to see you two days in a row!

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Okay, Deb, I am writing this with all the love in the world...

My pet peeve is... when people have too much trouble just overlooking other people's faults. Like bad spelling and grammar. I know "lose" means the opposite of win or opposite of keeping track of something, and "loose" means the opposite of tight. But if you know what it means, isn't that okay? I mean, by freaking out over one extra "o", does it make the person feel better? Or worse?

I guess, if we were all expecting to be published, I think you'd have a good point. But some of us just do our blog, ho-hum, and maybe even sometimes we KNOW we want to type lose, and we MEAN to type lose, but that darn "o" button just gets away from us and we type loose and before ya know it, we've published and don't even know there's a grammar mistake.

Okay, so, I have turned off word verification and I long ago got rid of comment moderation. I loosened up. Now you loosen up too.

Oh, one more pet peeve: partial feed in the feed reader. I really prefer the full read so I don't have to click through to read if I don't want to. But those people are only hurting themselves because 9 times out of 10, I won't click through to read the whole story simply because I don't like the partial feed thingie.

PS remember You are still my bloggy buddy. Just wanted to nicely and in a non-confrontational way share my pet peeve.

Stacey said...

My hat is off to you for this blog!!! The loose/lose thing bugs me, as does the word verification...oh, and the music...and the ads... Because I have to wonder, do you really like me being a part of your life, or do you hope I will make you a dollar or two? :) Great post!!

heather said...

Things that bug me: word verification FOR SURE. I always read blogs with my computer on mute because the music problem. I get annoyed when I have forty hits in a day, but only twelve comments.

christine said...

Just thought I would clarify a bit... I know the meaning of both words, lose & loose, but for some reason my brain does not think "lose" should be pronounced the way it is. Yes, I know the English language is riddled with so many of those "rule breakers."

Melissa said...

You have obviously struck a chord here woman. 46 comments later....

My pet peeve would have to be anonymous comments.

I used to have word verification, but I still got solicitations for Viagra.

Spelling is a huge pet peeve of mine. I feel bad, but I actually perceive people differently if they constantly spell or punctuate incorrectly. It's judgmental, I know. I just feel like if you're going to put yourself out there for the whole world to see, don't you want to be seen as a good speller? (I'm just a nerd like that....I feel like Anthony Michael Hall in the Breakfast Club when he got a fake ID so he could vote).

Ronnica said...

A to Z, everything you've mentioned is annoying to me. Except the ads, where I can think of some legitimate reasons to put ads, but I won't do it. Even if I get 100,000 hits a day (though I'm not sure I'd WANT that many hits a day!) and could live off of the income. I'm not going to get paid to blog. I blog because what I want to, because I want to. You know what's really annoying? Blogs that have BOTH word verification and comment moderation. Nothing can get through that!

Connie said...

oh Debbie...I go away for a few days and you go all crazy on me!!! Seriously? 3 posts in 3 days? You amaze me. I share your annoyances on blogs. And I have music on my own blog...I turn it down every time. I took it off for a while and someone asked me why I took it off. ugh. Anyways...after reading all your comments. I'm takin' it back off.
Sorry to hear you've had a little taste of nastiness. Aw, just wash it down with a diet coke with lemon. I still think you're pretty awesome.

Heather said...

Loved. Every. Word. I agree with this entire post. Yes, I do.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Amen!!! I cannot add anything more, you said it. But three days in a row - WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

You should hvae changed your comment section to include word verification and moderation; just to mess with your readers. :)

Seriously, great post -- and word verification gives me a stomach ache.

Michelle said...

The word verification is annoying, but I'll still leave comments if the person deserves them. I've never had it on my blog, and I've never had spam or anonymous commenters.

I hate the music, too, because it causes Firefox error pop-up windows.

I have had ads on my blog for about 2 months and have received nothing. Oh well.

Spelling and grammar are my biggest pet peeves. In blogging and real-world. I guess it's the English degree screaming at me.

Monica said...

I took the word verification off. I feel better already!

Michelle said...

Oh! I thought of another one... how about "your" and "you're" ... drives me crazy!

Melissa Lester said...

I am not a fan of ads either ... . What? One of your commenters makes $100 a month. ... Like I was saying, I think those ads would be worth looking into. :)

My husband has been pushing me to put ads on my blog because he knows how much time I invest in it. I think you should at least put ads on BATW because we all appreciate the time you put into keeping us connected.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Good grief...I visit every day for two weeks waiting for you to post, my most favorite Deb, and then I leave for a few days and I miss ALL THE DARN FUN! I just spent 30 minutes going back and reading all your comments, and wishing I was right there in person for each and everyone.

Now off to email you about your other decision.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh, and forgot to say....Darcy's post about word verification got me to check and see.....I didn't even know that I had it on since I was a brand new blogger, and the ad's so tempting.
Agree with every other thing you've every said in the whole wide world...well, almost. :)

Anonymous said...

I just took off my word verification. I didn't even realize I had it on, but I DO find it a pain when I want to comment on other's blogs and I have to type some preposterous, meaningless word. As for the music, I have it and I can't quite give it up yet. Baby Steps.....

Veggie Mom said...

Hey, I'm with you on all of these! Kindred spirits, eh? BTW, Debbie: My e-mail is kaput and don't know how else to reach you. Launching another Pop'rs Giveaway on Sunday, which will run thru Thanksgiving Eve. Anything you can do would greatly be appreciated. You're such a peach...thanks in advance!

Sissy said...

I guess I am the 61st person to agree with you, but I totally get it. I realized I hated word verification on other blogs and so I turned it off mine. And I never have my volume turned on for music either. And why pay someone to design me such a pretty blog and then ugly it up with ads? They just don't go with my color scheme, I think!

Rhea said...

I agree with everything you said, but the typos. They happen, but we all usually know what the person is trying to say. I accidentally make them occasionally, and I know my grammar.

But, word verification, moderation, music, slow loads, etc...they are annoying, but frankly, these blogs are personal and people should do what they want with them. I don't really care.

But some of it is a little annoying.

We all need to rant at times though, I agree. :o)

Tiffany said...

What is it with lose and loose?????

I see it everywhere. I am the queen of typos, but that one kills me.

Ads... we have them on SITS, and the money they generate goes into the monthly prizes, but I don't have them on my personal blog.

I agree with all the other peeves.. did you read Heather's post on word verification? HYSTERICAL.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Word verification is off. I hate it too and just hadn't gotten around to changing it.

Music...I like music, I HATE it on blogs! I always hit "mute" immediately. Plus I like to go from blog to blog - thus several open windows. That could be a nightmare! AHHHH!

Advertisements don't bother me, but I think they take away the "personal touch".

Fun blog. Thanks for telling us your pet peeves - we've all got em!
Lynnette :)

He And Me + 3 said...

I would have to agree with your list. I also can't stand people that follow your blog and never leave comments. Wordy blogs that drag on and on without spaces or pictures.
Totally following your blog, and I will be back around to leave my 2 cents...not that you need it:)

This Mom said...

I totally agree on the verification thing. I had it and realized as I started giving comment love how much of a pain it was.

I have missed you I am glad to see you are back. Now if I can get myself back into the swing of things.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree on the word verification. I don't want to have to work at getting my comment posted, this is suppose to be fun.

Of course as much as I hate verification, Comment moderation is even worse. I would like to know my comment has been received not that it got lost in neverland. I don't go back to see if it got where it was suppose to.

I do wish the comment box had spell check. I end up reading blogs and commenting late at night most of the time. My mind is a little foggy. I hate when I misspell anything. But with a foggy mind it happens.

katdish said...

Biggest Pet Peeve - nasty, anonymous comments. It's one thing to post anonymously if you're sharing something painful, quite another if you just want to be nasty. If someone strongly disagrees with me about something, I respect their willingness to let me know about it. That is, unless they post anonymous. Like Yogi Berra said, "I never answer anonymous letters".

And ads bug me. If people take the time to read my blog when there are so many out there, I think it's kind of offensive to appear as if you're trying to make money off of them. But that's just my opinion, they may work for others. I suppose it depends on the content of your blog.

I kinda like the word verification thing, some of my blog buddies and me look for deep meaning inside those words -- my friend Sherri is 5' tall, and she got the word "mudget" the other day, which you gotta admit, is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

I think I feel the exact same way about everything!!! You are in my head, woman! LOL

OH and that music thing...dead on! Dead on! I never have my volume up and never hear if anyone has music or not, unless one of the boys has been on my computer!

Melissa B. said...

Yes, you're right. And I'm guilty on all counts, except for advertising. I tried music, and got rid of it...too annoying! I've got comment moderation, and I agree, it's stupid. I also got rid of all the Bells & Whistles because they really don't add much and the slowly loading page drives me nuts! And as much as I try to keep the typos out, they still creep in...especially in my comments. So Sorry!

On a completely different note, if you have time, please stop by my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. We've got another Sweet Snap for ya...and it's always fun to Share the Caption Love!

Adrian said...

That's funny you are getting so many comments on this, but obviously you are making a difference because I've spotted half a dozen people who are taking their word verification off. Good for you. I don't use that, but I do moderate comments (comment jail). I have had some anonymous troll comments and some spam as well, so I'll keep that.

My pet peeves are music (hate that!) and overly personal posts. I've read posts about vomiting, bathroom problems, periods, childbirth, toilet training and yeast infections. Ewwwww! I don't even want to know that stuff about myself!

But I don't leave nasty-grams for them. I figure it's everyone's right to post whatever they want on their blogs and it's my right to read them or pass them by.

Sarah Mae said...

Okay, okay! I'm taking off my word verification...sheesh! Maybe now you'll visit more often! ;)

I know you're just mad because PSU choked two weeks ago - you should be used to this, I am!

I admit, I haven't been around much either - but darn it, every time I come back you have me'd think I'd learn!

Kimba said...

Oh foo! I miss all the good fun!

You hit all of my blogging pet peeves except BIGGEST one. The no-reply email address blogger. Drives me nuts! Please, please, please make your email address public in your profile so that I can reply directly to you if you have a question. I feel so silly coming to your blog and leaving a random, unrelated comment on one of your posts. I promise that I'll still visit your blog and it's so much easier to develop a real relationship this way.

That is all.

Kimba said...

Oh...and if you want the ad scoop. Email me.

Southern Rose said...

I usually cringe at misspellings, but when they come home in letters from my children's schools, I want to send them back with big red marks on them.

Valerie said...

You about got all of my pet peeves. I love music, but not on blogs. I will still visit your blog but I'll remember to turn down the volume. I am usually at work and have about five windows open and the music just startles me. Plus my boss will come in and say what in the world is that? lol

Valerie said...

Oh I almost forgot. LURKERS! If you go through the trouble of clicking on my blog leave a comment. I love comments, I love that you're reading/looking at my blog. I would love to know who you are so I can do the same. Okay that's all.

Paula said...

Humm, new to blog world so it was interesting to read pet peeves. I don't think I've developed any pet peeves yet.