Saturday, July 19, 2008

Answers from Red's Hood

LRRH and I decided it would be easier to answer all the questions from the previous post in one big post. We have been really, really busy for the last few days so this is the first chance we have had to get caught up.

Ms. The Mom,
Hi the mom! I'm Hannah Montana CRAZY!!!! I really want to watch the 3-d concert on T.V. Well there's one thing I have to do. Ask mom if I can watch it. That won't be all that hard. Thanks for the question! Bye!

Ms. Leigh Ann,
I will ask my mom if I can do it again.

Ms. Kat
Tell Sugar to use proper grammar.

Mrs. Caroline,
I am little. I don't like to wear red. I like to ride bikes and in cars. I have not been on a roller coaster. I have one hoodie. But I didn't name myself because of that. I just kind of thought up a name in my head and somehow I got Little Red Riding Hood. That is very weird though.

Ms. Swirl Girl,
I don't really like to clean my room. (Ain't that the truth)

Ms. Lauren W,
My favorite color is pink. (She started out pink, princessy and only wearing dresses. She went to first grade and only liked blue and jeans. Pink was, gasp, way too girly. By the middle of second grade, she decided pink was cool again. But still wouldn't be caught dead in a dress. However, skorts and clickety clack shoes are ok. As my husband says daily, "Some poor guy."
I love High School Musical. (Yes. We have seen it a million times.)
My favorite drink is water. (That is true. I won't let my kids drink soda. I know all too well the path from taking a sip to addiction to blogging about it.)

Ms. Amy,
To tell you the truth not really. (She asked if LRRH liked any other fairy tales. )

Ms. Rhea,
Mom said you live in Texas. My aunt lives in Texas too. Funny huh.

Ms. Michelle,
Thanks for the compliment.

Ms. Shannon,
I don't really like the Jonas Brothers or the Naked Brothers. I don't really know who the Naked brothers are. And the Jonas brothers, I have no clue what their songs mean. (We really don't know who the Naked Brothers are. And she doesn't get the Jonas Brothers which is fine with me.)

Ms. Karin,
Well I am in already in blogland because I have a blog. But it is private. (BTW, Karin, she is a little sassy at times, too)

Ms. Gina,
I do have a blog but sorry, my mom said it has to be private.

Ms. Tracy,
I have a blog named The Stepping Stones of my life. I chose that because I am not complete with my life and its just the stepping stones of it. Funny I have Hannah Montana sunglasses too. (She seriously came up with that name herself. She is much more of a thinker than I ever was at that age. Oh let's be honest, than I currently am ;)

Ms. Jen (The Mom),
I still need to get my 3-D glasses but I hope we can get them soon.

Ms. Tiffany,
Going to the pool.
(I need to add that she tried out and won a singing solo at a Christian drama camp she attended last month. She sang Nicole C. Mullen's "When I Call on Jesus" and can sing "Amazing Grace (My chains are gone) by Chris Tomlin a capello sending goose bumps up and down your spine. She is very humble about her talent. I'm not. She's good.)

Ms. Karen,
I like Hannah Montana and High School Musical. My favorite characters are Sharpay on HSM and Lily on HM.

Ms. Missy,
Not to be mean to mom but I am a little funnier. (I told you she was sassy.)

Ms. Jennifer P,
You should have told me that (blogging is a nasty habit) before I started one.

Ms. Jennifer (Mrs. G),
I got funny then Mom got funny. (We missed you at VBS on Friday. I served 500 hot dogs at the carnival. Did I tell you I hate hot dogs. I still have the taste in my mouth. I think I'm gonna throw up.)

Ms. Heather,
Of course I will pop in from time to time. I chose purple because that is the color I use on my blog.

Ms. Sidney,
I ADORE Webkinz. My favorite is the little kinz pig. I named her Shirley.

Ms. Dawn,
I have a private blog so you should let your daughter have a private blog.

Ms. Jill (One Wired Woman),
My mom says your son looks like Zac Efron. (He really, really does.)

Ms. Suzanne,
I dressed up as a hockey player for halloween. I have been doing many things this summer. I can't name them all. (Well, I can because they have been keeping me from blogging too much...going to the pool, camp, the park, VBS, the library, the driving range, visiting cousins, field trips, doctor appointments, playing board games, going to the Washington Capitals fan fest, playing on the water slide.)

Ms. Piggy (that doesn't sound right)
Thanks for the comment.

Ms. Shelle,
You really want me to guest blog? Then what is your blog name? I'll come over right away. But it is going to be hard to travel through the computer.

Mrs. Lester,
I definitely like Camp Rock better. (Uh, hmm, that's news to me.)

Ms. Mama Dawg,
I haven't heard a name like Mama Dawg before.

Ms. Trish,
I think I went to Disneyland when I was a baby. (Not sure who's bright idea it was to take a 15 month old to Disneyland when it's hot and said 15 month old was terrified of Pooh, Tigger, Cinderella, the bees, the rides, the everything.) I think you should let your son post on your blog. I have already been to blog world when I first got my blog on the last day of school.

Ms. Katy,
Thanks for the comment.

Ms. Susie Harris,
I had a teacher named Mrs. Harris.

Ms. Z's Mom (Karla),
Don't worry I'll come back into This is the life. But mostly I am going to be in The Stepping stones of my life which is my blog. One thing. It is private.

Ms. Kelly,
Thanks for the comment.

Ms. Heathalee,
My favorite drink is water with lots of ice.

Ms. Connie,
I love hockey too. But one thing different is I only like the Capitals. (I told her you were a Red Wings fan.)

Ms. Julie,
I am so thrilled that you are excited for me to be on mom's blog. (She absolutely used the word "thrilled" on her own.)

Ms. Tam,
Thanks for leaving me a comment.

Ms. Shanan,
I really don't like the Jonas bros. I'm more crazy over Hannah Montana. (Thank goodness. She is 8. I don't need a boy crazy girl in the house yet.)

Ms. Sidney,
Thanks for leaving another comment. I would love to go to the Cheesecake factory. That would be my first time going.

Ms. Kathi,
It sure is. Because I am a writer too. (Kathi said it was better to write than to be written about.)

Thank you all for being so enthusiastic for me on my mom's blog. Hello? Hello? It had to happen again. I guess I am going to leave now. Bye bye! (Those are absolutely 100% her words, not mine.)

Thanks everyone for playing along! Because of the drama involved (she didn't like my additional commentary) in answering all these questions, this might be the first and last Q&A with LRRH. Unless she begs me.

Is it too early for a glass of wine.


Rhea said...

LLRH is so polite and well mannered. She's writing thank-you notes already. lol

Emily said...

Awwwwwwww man! I missed this one! Where have I been lately?!

The Mom said...

Wow she got a ton of questions!

If you want to make this a recurring post I'd love to make you a little tag!

Email me at if you're interested.

Karen said...

LRRH certainly got a lot of questions and I loved her answers!!

She did really well!

Lula! said...

She is beyond fabulous. Just like her Mommy.

Now I have "When I Call On Jesus" in my head. Amazing that she sang it...I adore that song. Huge Nicole C. Mullen fans in this house.

Trish said...

okay, she is DAHLING and that was so fun to read!

we are Jonas Bros. fans here at our house. Their music and lyrics are very acceptable. One of the boys (Joe, I think) wears a putiy ring and has talked about it in an interview i heard once.

Can't say so much about the Naked Bros. I have only heard one of their songs and it was called "i don't wanna go to school".
yeah, that's not what I want Ben listening to!

Amy said...

That was cute. I bet it took forever to type all that up whew!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Fudge _ i can't believe I missed that. I guess I was eating dip...

Michelle said...

I love how she used the "Ms." for everyone. Did she think of that by herself so she didn't wrongly Miss or Mrs. someone?

And *great* name for her blog. I love it and wish I'd thought of it before she started it up ;) Kudos to you and her for keeping the blog private.

Enjoy your wine!

LuLu said...

Thank you Debbie. How awesome Kimberley sounds in her blog x that by 1000's. She is the bestest friend ever.

HeathahLee said...

I am particularly partial to Chris Tomlin...Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) is really special to me. I would love to hear her sing it!

Tam said...

GREAT answers!! What FUN!

Allmykids123 said...

LRRH: Thanks for getting back to me about the Jonas Brothers. But, who are the Naked Brothers? I haven't ever heard of them.

Can't wait to read your next post.

Kimberly said...

I am so sad that I missed your guest blogger! These are too cute! I need to be over here every day it looks like! :) I might just have to blog roll you! I will look forward to your post about teachers...exciting! I teach 2nd grade, though I was teaching kindergarten before. I love it! Anyway, I'll def. be back!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...


My daughter wants a blog now, too (you're an inspiration!), but will you tell us if you have a separate account from your mom - MY profile shows up on her blog page and that is NOT cool to an almost 7 year-old! (I'm sure you can imagine, LRRH)


Tiffany said...

LRRH, I would LOVE to hear you sing. See, I am someone who loves music and PRETENDS to have a great voice while singing in the car or shower.

Hearing someone who is blessed with a beauitful voice is such a treat.

Good Job Debbie. I will totally vote for her when she runs for President. Totally.