Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Surprise Guest Blogger

I swear to you this is the absolute, God's honest truth, my daughter typed up this post herself when I asked her to guest blog for me. Here she goes:

Hey everyone! I'm Little Red Riding Hood. I'm soooo happy to post on my mom's blog. You have been wondering why I want to be called Little Red Riding Hood, so here's the finnal grand answer, I don't really know. So anyone have more qustions? Why are you laughing? Hello? Hello? Well I guess I'm done. Bye!

There you have it ladies. So now do your thang and leave my aspiring blogger some comment love.

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The Mom said...

Hi there sweetie! My oldest daughter DQ is 9.5 and wants to guest blog so badly!

So I hope you can have your mom make this a regular post for her site. You can call it Questions and Answers from the Hood....little red riding hood of course.

So my first question is do you like Hannah Montana?

Lula! said...

Dear Little Red Riding Hood,

Please guest blog for your Mom more often.
And please come play with us.
Leigh Anne

Kat said...

Hey there LRRH! I think you have looked at my daughter's blog before. She goes by Sugar. question for you is do you like the way she writes - like in text speak? Or should she use proper grammar?

Caroline said...

Dear LRRH,

That was a good post. So, I think I might be able to help you with understanding why you named yourself Little Red Riding Hood. Answer yes or no to these questions:

1) Are you little?

2) Do you like to wear red?

3) Do you like riding (bikes, in cars, roller coasters, etc.)

4) Do you wear hoodies or perhaps live in the hood?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then there you have it - the reasons you named yourself Little Red Riding Hood. If you answered no to any of the above questions, then I guess we all still want to know why you named yourself that.

Please guest blog again.

Mrs. Caroline

Swirl Girl said...

How sweet of you to guest blog for your mom. Maybe she called you Little Red Riding Hood because she sometimes acts like a Big Bad Wolf, as some moms have been known to do. LRRH is a sweet young child who never does anything wrong, eats all her veggies and keeps her room neat and tidy.
I know because I have two of them in my little house in the woods, too!

Lauren W said...

Little Red-
It's ok to not know, if you feel that you are Little Red Riding Hood, then you keep on using it!
A question (or two, or three...)-
Favorite color?
High School Musical, yes or no?
Favorite beverage?
The end.

Amy said...

Awwww, you are so cute LRRH!

Do you like any other fairly tale girls like Snow White or Goldilocks?

Rhea said...

gotta love little kids. They have such a way with words...and are totally cool with having NO REASON at all to make up names for things. lol

Michelle said...

So cute -- and I loved how well she spelled and used her grammar and punctuation. I think I'm really a repressed English teacher. What I meant to say was that was an adorable post for her, and congrats on her first ever blog post! (Do they have that in baby books now?)

Shannon said...

Little Red-
I love that you already know how to draw a reader in. You must get that from mom. I have a son your age. So for him I am asking Jonas Brothers or Naked Brothers Band??

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Hey, Little Red!
Welcome to Blogland :)
I laughed outloud at your "hello?" We live INside the computer, so you don't always HEAR us saying hi back. But, we're here!

You look like a cutie.
Be good to your ma.
No sassin'. (My daughter's Sassy)

Gina said...

Hey, Red. I love the nickname you chose for you self. When you decide you want your own blog, I will read it and I will hook you up with my kids.

Tracy P. said...

Dear LRRH,

How lucky is that mom of yours! Great job on your post! (And sweet picture of the two of you.)

I have a question for you. My kids each have a blog about things they like, Ben's Favorite Animals (he's SO crazy about wild cats and sports teams with animal names) and Bethany's Art Gallery. If you had a blog, what would it be about?

My daughter just got some Hannah Montana sunglasses today, and she is stylin'. They'd look great on you!

The Mom said...

My daughter just told me you can get the 3-D glasses free at Walmart for that Hannah Montana concert! You probably already know that, but in case anyone else is interested! ;)

Tiffany said...


This is so cool. What has been the best part of your summer break?

Karen said...


My granddaughter, in NZ, is really into Hanah Montana as well. She also likes 'High School Musical'. Do you like them and if you do, who is your favourite character?

Missy said...

Hello LRRH!
Thanks for posting on your mom's blog, you did a great job! Did you know that your mom has friends all over the world that she checks in with through her blog? I think that is really cool. Your mom makes a lot of people very happy because she is kind and funny.

I'm going to be hanging out with some girls around your age this weekend. Any ideas for crafts or fun games we can play?

Jennifer P. said...

I feel bad leaving her an encouraging comment---like I'm giving drugs to a child.....BUT THAT WAS SUPER LRR!!! :) We'd love to hear from you again soon!

Jennifer P. said...

And remember blogging is a nasty habit that you should never, never start!

Jennifer said...

LRRH, you did a great job and we'd love to hear from you again. You obviously inherited the funny gene from your mom.

I'll see you today at VBS!

Heather said...

Dearest LRRH,

I love your writing style. You have done such a good job being a guest blogger. Will you be popping in from time to time? I certainly hope so. I like how your post is purple. Is that your favorite color?

Sidney said...

This is such a great idea! I may have to let my youngest daughter post, if I can pull her away from HM and Webkinz!

Do you like Webkinz? If you do, which one is your favorite?

We got our 3-D glasses yesterday at WalMart, but I have to hide them so she won't wear them too much and break them!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Great Job! My DD 8 wants to have a blog of her own...but then she wants everything...oh well. I see you have a bit of a funny side too...

Anonymous said...

Oh hello Little Red Riding Hood!!! I love your post and I think you are a cutie patootie!! ~Jill :)

Suzanne said...

Good Morning LIttle Red Riding Hood.

Did you get the name because you dressed up in that costume on Halloween? I'm glad your mom let you be the guest blogger today. I hope your summer is a lot of fun. Please report back and let us know what you're doing to keep yourself busy before school starts again.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Piggy said...

HAHA!!!! I see that you've inherited your mom's humor. You guys are adorable! Keep writing! :)

Shelle said...

That is the cutest thing ever. Just found your blog, love it! I wish I had a guest blogger, does she want to guest blog on my blog? I bet she would illicit more comments than I do!!!

Melissa Lester said...

You did a great job! We all love hearing from you and about you. You are making your mama proud every day! I have children, ages 9, 6, 4 and 2, and the question around our house is:

"High School Musical" or "Camp Rock"?

We are divided on our favorite, but united that we love them both!

Mama Dawg said...

My daughter loves to guest blog on mine as well. Tell her to keep up the good work!

Trish said...

Hey Little Red, welcome to blog land! Great job guest posting for your mom. I love the nickname that you have chosen for yourself.

I have a question for you:

Have you ever been to Disneyland or Disney World?

I have a son your age, his name is Ben. Should I let him guest post on my blog sometime?

I hope we get to hear from you again soon.

Katy Lin :) said...

hi Little Red Riding Hood! thank you for guest blogging! i hope we'll see more of you around here! and don't worry about not knowing why you picked your name, that's the beauty of blogland - you get to choose and nobody else needs to know why :)

Susie Harris said...

Now if that's not stinkin' cute! I love her... I also love all of those sweet things you said on my blog... Glad you came by... We will have to stay in touch from now on... Your on my list girlfriend! Susie h~

Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed your post today. I hope you get to guest blog again....


Kelly said...

Hello Little Red Riding Hood!!!
Thank you so much for writing to all of us!! You are the best guest blogger ever!! And a real cutie!

blogging friend of mommy

HeathahLee said...

Hi, Little Red Riding Hood! You did an awesome job on your guest post. I hope we see more of you.

And since we all know your Mom's favorite drink is Diet Coke with Lemon, which one is yours?

Oh, and as for making things up just because you want to, when I was little my sister and I each had a horse. She named hers Miss White Socks because she had white legs to her knees. I named mine Salahna. Just because I wanted to.

Connie said...

That is so cool to be a guest blogger on your mom's blog. I'm not gonna lie...she is a big deal around here. And now you are a part of that! How cool is that? I love your nickname and your sense of humor. You could make it big in the blogging world. Maybe you can guest blog again real soon.
My daughter has her own blog and she loves it. (but she will be 21 next week) Hope you're enjoying your summer.

Julie said...

LRRH, you need to guest blog more often...

Tam said...

HI little Red Riding hood!!!! LOL

Allmykids123 said...

Hi Red!
I have to ask.. are you as crazy over the Jonas Brothers as my daughter is? She wants to marry Nick. What about you?

Mrs. S.

Sidney said...

So, LRRH, tell your mom if she's ever back this way visiting family in Flower Mound to give me a shout and we'll meet at the Mega Mall and go to Cheesecake Factory!!

You can come too!!

Kathi said...

LRRH, great job blogging! It's a lot more fun to be the writer of the blog than the person being written about isn't it??

Debbie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Let me know if you start running again. :)