Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning...or is it?

It is a beautiful gorgeous day here in Virginia.

And I am:

trapped answering phone calls from doctors saying "yes The Princess's strep test that we cultured overnight came back positive for the second time in two weeks,"

picking up yet another, stronger, prescription because the antibiotic we just finished this past Wednesday wasn't strong enough to kill the bacteria from the first round of strep, thankyouverymuch,

ignoring my son when he told me that he has a headache because I thought he just wanted a dose of motrin like his sister,

watching my son fall asleep in the middle of the morning when he NEVER does that,

listening to my daughter yell downstairs that The Prince is now throwing up, all over my side of the bed.

kicking myself for not believing that he really wasn't feeling well this morning when he complained he wasn't feeling well this morning. Because I am pretty sure he has strep, too. And the doctor's office is closed.

Another soccer game missed. Another week of church missed. Another day trapped in the house. Time to go do one of my projects while they watch TV guilt free.

Deep Sigh.

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Gina said...

Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Strep!
We finally have a family doc who prescribes profilactic antibiotics for our children if one comes down with strep. Because with 5 kids we could, conceivably, never actually get rid of that nasty bugger. Our biggest strep adventure to date was the month of July a few years back when all the kids came down with "Non Type A Strep." Do you know what that means? It means there is nothing the doctor could do about it. Her advice was, "Control the fever, and keep them hydrated." Did you know that they make gatorade in 37 different colors? All of which look and smell awful after a MONTH of washing garbage bins every 20 minutes multiplied by 4 kids.
It was the qietest month at our house. Ever.

Mrs. Romero said...

I am so sorry, poor things and poor you! I'm sending you all my feel better vibes!

Evi said...

No fun. I will pray for dreary weather...only because it will really suck if it's gorgeous out today and you're stuck in the house.
Rain, rain. Cleansing rain.
Hope they get better soon.
Really, I will pray that you'll see blessings (like cute little eyelashes) all around today.

Anonymous said...

Oh Debbie~ So sad to hear that your house is infested strep. We've been there, done that so many times. One thing about your kids being sick... you get to just love on them and snuggle because they normally don't stay still that long, right? :)

Go check out my blog comments, Kathleen describes where she lives in your neck of the woods. She is a really neat gal.

Praying for a quick recovery in your household~

Jill :)

Melissa Lee said...

Oh sweet Debbie,

I will think of you today as I;m out enjoying the sunshine, eating ice cream, taking in a Narnia matinee and having a relaxing dinner out with my husband.

Oh, yikes. Did I just say all of that out loud?

Actually, my dear. I feel for you. There's nothing like a mother's guilt. Nothing. Except maybe a mother's temper.

I will check back in with you later in the week. My prayers and love for you and those sweet baby eyelashes. Bless his heart.

Elena Manwaring said...

Oh you poor thing. Our last round of strep (and we get it EVERY stinkin' year) was nasty. I got the regular throat infection, my husband got a skin infection on his face, and my son got "rectal strep" (sounds lovely doesn't it?). Did you even know it could go other places than the throat??? (I learn something new every day.) It was awful; I feel your pain. And we always get the throw-ups with it too. Stupid bug. Hope the antibiotics kick it this time around. My hubby always has to have a double dose. Some people just must be less resistant than others. Crossing my fingers that you don't get it too!!

Kat said...

KNOCK WOOD...and counting my blessings...but no one in my house has ever had strep. Will send lots of good thoughts and prayers for healing to come your way.

Lula! said...

Praying for your house of ILL repute. XOXO!

Jennifer P. said...

Ugh--I feel for you. Pass the illness can go on for WEEKS!!! Hoping everyone gets better quickly (and no rheumatic fever!!! :)!)

Courtney said...

oh no! when is it ever going to end?? this strep just won't leave, will it? let me know if i can do anything!

paperjunk-lc said...

don't feel bad I sent my daughter to school for about a week with Mono last month!
I hope all is better soon.

Connie said...

Oh Debbie, I know where you're coming from. Keeping you and your kiddos in my thoughts and prayers.

Heather said...

Oh, Debbie, I'm SO sorry!! I hope they get better soon and while they're sleeping today, go sit in the sunshine for a few minutes. Strep is just NO fun. Poor babies.

Emily Loria said...

Oh, poor guy. I hate those darn sicknesses that just won't go away. When ever Josh gets sick, it goes right to his lungs and we are at the ER for breathing issues. I have become a germ-o-phobe.

Good luck on kicking this one. I had strep so bad last year, I couldn't even swallow my own spit. I know how it goes. ;P

Kelly said...

Gosh don't those days seem like months???? I hate that.

keeping you guys in prayer!