Friday, May 16, 2008

The Prince

So the Prince (my son) tells me today that his pre-school is almost over and that next year he will be going to kindergarten at the "hellelementary" school. In between my chuckles I tried to correct him, but it was so stinkin funny I don't think he got it. He then rattled off the fruits of the spirit to me, correctly, in order, but when he got to "gentleness," he said "gentlemaness" which I thought was brilliant. True "gentlemen" are gentle. Just like his Daddy whom he adores.

PS...After getting a hair cut yesterday, he looked in the mirror and said "lookin good, lookin good." Are you kidding me??? Where did he get that from?

PPS...Tonight he was singing a song before bed and kept singing "wonderful, marbleless, God loves us." I told him it was "marvelous." He disagreed and said "No, Mom it is "marbleless." Well okay, "marbleless" it is.

PPSS...Just to see if anyone is paying attention. The answer to the brainteaser is 10,990.

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Elena Manwaring said...

So cute. There are days when I'd have to agree with "hellelementary".

Lula! said...

Officially forming the "We Heart Kyle" fan club. So adorable. WRITE THIS ONE DOWN!!!

Heather said...

Oh I LOVE this!! My little one says to me all the time that things are not "ladyish" (she means lady-like). Maybe we could get them together for some gentlemaness and ladyish behavior.

The Roost'er said...

I say Yay music!

I love your blog :)


Elena Manwaring said...

It's so great to write down all those cute things our kids do. And that answer wasn't one of my three. :)

Mrs. Romero said...

These Kyle-isms are the best. They make me so happy.
Thank you.

Gina said...

How did I get it so wrong? You must explain.

Trish said...

Yahoo!! Gina, I got it right!!

Didn't I Debbie?

I love the kyle-isms.

On my old blog I had a column titled "Benjaminisms:random outbursts from a boy who talks before he thinks.
My favorite one being the year Ben was five and we were sitting in a packed church for Good Friday Service and the pastor said "they drove the nails into Jesus' forearms......." and Ben burst out "Jesus had four arms?!" (and you have to know that Ben does nothing quiet!) it was soooo funny and embarassing all at the same time!

Trish said...

okay this is weird. i posted two comments on the previous post and neither of them showed up.......

did you get my e-mail with my answer?

Debbie said...

Gina and Elena, I will email you guys the excel file I used to calculate it.

Lula, Since we live in the same state, I think we can get Kyle and one of your daughters together when they are older ;)...He is a hunk a burnin love.

Heather, it is so not "ladyish" of you to keep us hanging on!!!!!

Karin, Welcome and Thank you!

Tiffany, I love the new moniker.

Trish, I did get your email, and yes you did get it correct!!! I don't know what happened to your comments..I have had the same thing happen to me in the last two weeks at other places. I think it has something to do with the word verification so I just disabled it this morning. It's annoying. And can I just say, I laughed out loud at the "four arm" comment. I am giggling as I type this.

Sissy said...

When someone at my work sent out this challenge, I spent forever trying to figure it out, and I after all that math, there wasn't even a great reward! I can't do all that math without some prize at the end!

Kelly said...

haha those are GREAT!
My 6 year old Brianna, calls the *concession* stand at her brothers baseball games the *CONFESSION* stand, lol......
and I am trying to tell her that the song,Everything Glorious, is with an *R* in Glorious and not a *B*!
they crack us up don't they!