Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gotta question for ya

How long go do you plan on doing this? Blogging, that is? I keep wondering how long I can keep this up. Reading, writing, making "my rounds" each morning like I'm a doctor or something. Well, isn't checking in on your laptop friends just as important? I keep wondering if we are going to go "through the change" together...oh that'll be good...bunch of crazy mommies who turned to their imaginary friends for a moments peace in 2008 and wrote about it, will be hyper hormonal a decade or so later and still turning to their imaginary friends for a moments peace, as well as writing about it. (Well for me it will be sooner) Something tells me that is an Alanis Morrissette song waiting to happen. So when do you plan on calling it quits, pulling the plug, signing off? And what does that even look like? I mean do you just hit "delete" blog and disappear into the blogosphere, forever, never to be seen or heard from again. Or have you ever even thought about it. Or is this just one more thing that only my weird brain conjures up?

Sunday Morning, May 25:
Oh No! I just got home from church and popped in to see what you guys had to say if anything, and I realized from the comments to this point that you all think I'm quitting or thinking about quitting this bloggy thing. I really appreciate the kind words as it made my day, but I think my words got lost in translation as I was just wondering out loud if you had ever thought about when and under what circumstances you would throw in the towel, if ever. For the record, I 'm not leaving nor have I considered leaving the blogosphere to this point. No sir. I have too many unimportant things to tell you. ;)

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Lula! said...

It is unacceptable for you to bring this up. And I am heartbroken over the "imaginary friends" reference. Did you not just recently confirm to me that "love will keep us together?"

I'm going to pray for you now. And eat an enormous bag of Oreos. They are a healing balm in my time of despair.

Completely unacceptable. Totally. Seriously.

Trish said...

Don't. Ever. Say. That. Again.

Are you second guessing this relationship? because that is not unusual. but come on,we have a very good thing here. I don't ask to much from you (except, do you realize you missed 5th grader friday, and I was on a roll....)

Let's just pretend like this conversation never happened and get back to the way things used to be.

I forgive you and I will not sink to the lows of Lula and drown my pain in Oreos. I'm more of a Lucky Charms girl.

don't quit, we love you!!

Connie said...

Oh Debbie, say it isn't so! You're online friends would miss you and you're funny way of looking at things.
Do it for yourself- to capture the small simple things that happen in life that you know you will forget one day. The moment is now. If you jot it down in cyberspace, one day your children can look back on your "memoirs" and know your heart and mind.
I love your analogy of "making rounds"...I too have felt like that every morning. I can appreciate the fact that you're feeling tied down to the internet and it's okay. Maybe you just write and read your own comments and not jump all over making the rounds...What I'm saying is you do what suits you...but completely walking away? Hitting the Delete button? TAKE IT BACK!!!!!

Heather said...

I am in NO way afraid that what you're saying is you're ready to quit blogging. I know you better than that. To answer your question, I will blog until people keep reading, or my family asks me to quit (which isn't likely). This is my hobby and it's one I've been searching for.

I love your blog so much and you are an amazing, funny, thought provoking writer. I have no doubt that we WILL go through the change all of it's horrendous glory.

Evi said...

I, my friend , have thought the same thing.
I have to admit that I get high and lofty plans for my blog one day (faithful 'flower of the week' episodes...regular episodes of 'three beautiful things'...that was an abandoned earlier venture...and all around extreme oozing wisdom) and then the next day...I'm just me. Me who in real life has only one or two good 'REAL' friends. Me who barely talks on the phone with her sister or mother let alone the friends that I should be keeping in touch with. I'm a relationship underachiever.
I am NOT saying that YOU are, I guess I am just admitting that I need this blog.
I am not terribly faithful to it and sometimes I cop out for months at a time but it is definately a point of sanity in my life.
I love how I can edit what I say before I say it (not a REAL life luxury). I love how I feel I can say more than I feel I can in REAL life (because I have the protection of the cyber shield..LOL). Yet I KNOW we are all real, and I sense we are all sincere. Qualities that are vital to true friendships.
I really should have just posted instead of commented.
But don't scare me like that. I DID lose a friend in the cyber world. Joanne stopped blogging about a year ago...I still go visit her 'empty tombstone' every so often to grieve her 'deletion'. I can't go ring her doorbell and force her to let me in. She just left. It was hard.
So don't you dare!!! I will cry!

Piggy said...

Even if you do actually quit blogging, you'll probably be right back blogging the next day 'cause you probably derive some satisfaction knowing that you brighten our day. Maybe it's just that time of the month and you just need this reminder that we do appreciate you. :)

I think there's a business out there for what to do next with all these blogs. I believe there is a site that converts blogs into photobooks. As for videos, there's an example of a money-making opportunity. Plus, you'd get to work from home! :)

Plus, isn't this the share your joy with others? I know that blogging has become a big part of my life because both of our families live about 4 - 5 hours away from us. I also hope that blogs will stay because I'd like for my baby to grow up and enjoy all the photos and videos of when she was little:

This IS the life! :)

Claudia :)

Debbie said...

Thanks ladies for your generosity...but I'm not going anywhere. And Trish, I know I missed 5th grader Friday, but I have been super busy with my daughter's birthday, my son's pre-K graduation,one of my house projects, and today we are having family over for dinner...But, I will definitely put one up this week. Enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies!

Mrs. Romero said...

I think you said it perfectly with the "doctor making rounds" comment. It's like a part time job to keep up the relationships.

I'll stop when I am no longer inspired. Hopefully, that is no time soon.

Emily Loria said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, thought about this. Actually, I am thinking about going private right now. I can't make up my mind! I love blogging, it's like an old friend now.

Kat said...

I haven't really thought about "the end." I like doing my blog, making my rounds...somedays it is my only adult interaction. I don't really have anything to say on my blog. No wisdom, funny stories, or interesting tales to tell. I just shoot the breeze and ramble on about a whole lotta nothin'...just like in my real life. And I appreciate all who come by to say "hello." But, no siree...not quitting...

Elena Manwaring said...

I actually talked to my hubby about this just the other day. I asked him when he thought the blogging fad would be over. I sure hope never, because I love it so much. And it's the only journaling/scrapbooking I do anymore. And I am very glad to hear you aren't quitting, just "wondering". :)

Gina said...

Isn't that kinda morbid? Like planning how you would one day like to die? Because, really, isn't it like that if you no longer exist for me out here on the West coast?
Nope, I don't think about those things. Now, thanks to you, I must go wash my brain out with soap!

Jennifer P. said...

I've thought about it many times too. Even planned my farewell post to a point. Of course, I'd print everything out on blurb, and have this little record of how great life was when I wrote all my thoughts down and other people read them and learned and laughed along with me. Seriously, this is one pastime I see as completely worth the time. I can say with all honesty that I am a better, more confident person because I blog. If we were women 150 years ago, we'd be the kind who baked extra loaves of bread or apple pies and went to visit our friends. It's easier to just plop our bums down for an hour or two (or three if it's an interesting day!)--but the fact is WE CARE! And how can you ever stop caring?! If they take blogspot away from us, we're the kind to find some other way to reach out and make a connection. Pretty incredible if you ask me.

Courtney said...

i've never even thought about it! so, i guess i'll just keep doing it til the thought enters my mind...

Kimberley said...

Strange how we all share similar thoughts! I think sometimes, we just need a little break!

I know you've probably heard it before, but as I posted at Heather's, I've got my farewell post in the que!

Kelly said...

Yep it is official! We are stuck together! it really hit home when you said *hit the delete blog button* that sounds so death of the blog world, it makes me shutter! I just cannnot even imagine seeing all of you.....or knowing what is going on or how you are or how your kids are, or your moms ...husbands...oh the list is endless! Debbie I would miss you waaaayyyyyy too much, if you stopped blogging I would have to move to your neck of the woods to hang out!


LuLu said...

I am making my rounds the first time in a while. Crazy busy! This is my time of year for my job. I am on a down moment and it is Sunday. I am excited you are going to join us in our bible study.

I will be back on my first day off. I havent even been to the pool yet this year.