Sunday, April 13, 2008

Play That Funky Music

Seriously, sometimes I make myself laugh. Really hard. I have been doing a deep clean of my house, and my daughter found "THIS." And she asked me what "THIS" was? And if you don't know what "THIS" is, well, I don't know what, just pretend it's funny to you. "THIS" is vintage. "THIS" is vinyl. "THIS" was known as a "45" and "THIS" can only be played on a turntable. And this particular record is "Play That Funky Music" by Wild Cherry (which should be playing any moment.) And one more thing, I have a whole box of THESE. And, I have absolutely no idea what to do with them. Any ideas?

Raise your hand if you remember "Oh you are so dreeeemy" (gag) Leif Garrett? Oh come on, admit you hung up his poster from the Tiger Beat magazine you bought with your babysitting money. And don't forget his name is pronounced "Layf." (Who names their kid "Layf" and wasn't his sister "Dody" from "My Three Sons"?)

Now, onto the only two people on the planet to sing a song about "Muskrat Love" (what is a "muskrat" anyway?) I present, the one and only.....

Are they Dead or Alive? And remember gang, that "Love Will Keep Us Together," and I'm pretty sure most of you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. But if you do, we can be BFF's.

Groovy, Peace, and Love.

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Anonymous said...

Deb, that is so funny. We recently moved my old stereo downstairs- MB commented on the turntable and asked if I had records to go with it!!!! I think maybe he was trying to think of how he could rip them to his zune like the rest of my "old" cd's.
Another blast from the past.... LeighAnn singing "I think I love you" from kidz bop and thinking its currently on the radio!!!

Evi said...

So funny that you ask two very 'canadian' questions...about the name Leif and what a muskrat is. I don't even know why they stuck out to me in your post...that is not even what the post is about...I am rambling...
Leif is a traditional Viking name (ever heard of Erik the Red...Leif Erikson, an early founder of North America who sailed through the mistaken Northwest Passage to discover Canada)
and Muskrat- you have them in the US as well but we here in Canada still maintain A LOT of wetlands...which they love. They look like little beavers but are more like rats.
Again nothing to do with the 45's...but...heck...if anyone cares!

Kelly said...

Yeh and didn't you get mad when people called him *Leaf* ergggghh!
haha! And I think I just saw a mug shot of him....he looked so awful.....But yep know all these, all the words, had the poster .....I say check out Ebay and see if you could get something for these *vintage* items!!!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!


Trish said...

Have you ever seen the Trading Spaces episode where Hilde nailed a bunch of 45's to the wall of the room she was making over???

Don't do that. It looked terrible.

I must be a bit younger than you
;-) because I don't really remember Leif......but am soooooo excited that NKOTB are getting back together for a reunion!!!!

This area used to have lots of Muskrats, the Hudson Bay Fur Traders moved to this area because of the abundance of Beaver & Muskrat..........I learned that during our trip to the Fort over Spring Break! I even touched a Muskrat Pelt!

RJN said...

I'm so old . . . how old are you?
I'm so old that I remember albums in all three sizes (78s, 45s, 33 1/3s), 8 tracks, cassettes, CDs, ripped CDs, and downloadable music. I start to feel REALLY old when I realize that some kids may not even own CDs, they just listen to music they have downloaded.

Tracey said...

BFF's we are, because I remember buying 45s at Ayr-Way (before it became Target) for 95 cents and constantly losing those little plastic center inserts needed to play them.

And of course I had a Tiger Beat poster of Leif Garrett and had a Tennille haircut.

I don't know what you can do with those, but I don't think you should get rid of them.

Debbie said...

Yay, my SIL Claudia piped in! So funny that Leigh Ann thinks that David Cassidy's song is hip and cool and happening now!

I love you Tracey!!! Love Love Love you! I forgot about the plastic center things that were used as an adapter for the turntable.

Evi, thanks for the Canadian trivia!

Trish, yes, I am probably a bit older than you...I am, gasp, 44....I know, I don't act like it...and generally don't think I look it...but others can decide for themselves. And not say a word if you think so.

RJN---you know how old I am because you are married to me??? Are you asking Trish how old she is??

Kelly, we can be BFF's since you know who "Layf" is and you know the words.

Heather said...

Ahhhhhhh...I LOVE you!! Okay, okay, I totally have that Captain & Tenille album. I also have this song on my "Funkilicious" iTunes playlist. I would also like to add that anything from Abba, or Peaches and Herb's "Reunited". You know you love it.

RJN said...

My "how old are you" is an even older reference to the Johnny Carson show. I was giving more reasons why I am really old :-) Little that I know that my chosen comedic vehicle would provide additional evidence that I am really old. I remember growing up people mentioning Jack Parr, who preceded Carson, and thinking that was really old. Now I realize that Leno has been on for so long that most "younger" people don't remember Carson. As I tell Lindsey and Kyle . . . I'm a hundred ;-)

Gina said...

OK, I must be an "old soul" because I can relate to everything you just posted- except Leif Garrett. I am a little bit of a music addict. New, old, it doesn't really matter. I, too, remember 45's, 33 1/3's, and 78's- but only because they were my parents. Actually, after my Sesame Street 25th Aniversary album, my favorite was Barry Manilow's Weekend In New England(I think that was the album name- is was definitely Barry Manilow).
Oh, and by the way, I can't BELEIVE my sister is excited about NKOTB. EEW. EEW. EEW.

Trish said...

See there she goes just trying to get something started again.......

I can't believe she remembers a Barry Manilow record.....there are things in our childhood that are better left forgotten.

And hello Joey McIntyre!!!

Trish said...

oh yeah, I'm 35

Jennifer P. said...

I say you MUST hang on to those records. THey aren't that big, and you will probably hate yourself forever if you throw them away!

Now I shall tell you a funny story. I have Leif Garrett's autograph! He appeared at a walk-a-thon I did with my sister. I was 5. But she was 15 and had a huge crush on "Layf". I can still remember her lifting me up and Leif, who was on a stage, took the paper I was holding, signed it and gave it back. My sister immediatley stole it from me of course! We have a good laugh over that--especially when we see poor bald Leif on all the celebrity has been shows!

What a great trip down memory lane :)!

Kimberley said...

You probably won't belive this...but my hubby and I still play our vinyl records!!! Yep, the turntable is set up on the bookcases in the family room. He plays mostly R.E.M. and Jazz, I play mostly soundtracks--Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and my favorite old 80's albums. Love that vinyl!!! My favorite teen idol was Ralph Machio and Michael Jackson?!?!?

Kat said...

Yes, I can imagine that your daughter had no idea as to what that thing was! Kinda like my girls going to my mom and asking what that "thing" was. And what was it? An ironing board. Something we don't have in this house :-)

Gina said...

OK, now if I really wanted to get something started I would tell you how glad I am that your blogroll is alphabetical because for once in my life I am first at something. But I'm much bigger than that so I won't mention it.

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

oh hee ha haeheah ahe ahe ahea ha hooooooweeee!

Too too funny.

And this is why I never come here with drinks in my mouth.

Sniz said...

Oh, I know, I know! Can we be BFFs now? You should put those on Ebay. You never know. :-)

Mrs. Jones said...

I had that same Leif album!! And Shaun Cassidy too! Ouch. Add a little Donny Osmond in a purple pantsuit and you've got yourself a party! We are so cool, aren't we?

Anonymous said...


As much as you want to clean out old things, I think you should keep the records.

By the way, we still have our record player from 1968 as well as the one you gave us in the 1980s. I recently had an attack of nostalgia and pulled out my vintage LP classical records to play while I was working in my craft room in the basement. I have an old LP Elvis record from his Hawaii tour. I should lend you EMMA from Hawaii to play on your blog. Do you remember her? Wonderful Hawaiian lady -- if you like Hawaiian music.

Of course, I am vintage too but it's fun to look back sometimes.

Love Mom

Lula! said...

I'm not an official lurker, as this is my very first visit to your site. But not my last.

I just to comment when I saw Captain & Tennille because...well, I rather adore them. When my first daughter was born I used to sit in her room and nurse while listening to their Ultimate Collection CD...crying everytime it got to "There Is Love," because I thought of my baby getting married. One day. In about 25 years, I guess. Oh, the memories...I might cry. Did my milk just let down? Wait...I haven't nursed in over a year, and that was with my 2nd daughter. I digress...

So yeah...we have to be BFFs because I don't know of another person out there who is feeling the Muskrat Love. And for the record, my fave by them is "The Way That I Want To Touch You." Ooooh...Captain & T got a little risque!

Love your blog...and now I will cease the rambling.