Tuesday, April 8, 2008

greed, gumption, or genius?

Next time you're at the airport, don't worry if you happen to forget your camera, iPod or headphones. Just head to the nearest vending machine. You know, the one with the Apple logo. Yeah over there, right next to the one with the Twizzlers, M&M's, potato chips, and peanut butter crackers.

Now insert 1200 quarters. Then push F2 for an iPod or G5 for a camera, watch it drop, and slide your hand in to retrieve your high end electronics...you know, just like you do when you buy a Diet Coke. OK, you're all set. Oh where do you charge it you ask? I dunno. What's that? Oh, how can you download iTunes just before your flight in 15 minutes so that you might actually be able to listen to music on the plane? Uh, hmmm, well, good question. I guess you're on your own, pal. You'll figure out something. Bon Voyage!

Greed? Arguably.
Gumption? Ya think.
Genius? To be determined.
All three? Probably.

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Gina said...

That's capitolism at it's best. See a need- fill a need. And if the public sees these frivolities as needs who is Apple to argue?
Personally, I will never need an electronic item that badly, but I guess I'm just cheap!
Can you believe that I made my boys buy thier own Gamecube on e-bay, and that when they broke it I didn't fork out anything to replace it?
My son, Jesse, reading over my shoulder is blabbing, "True, so true."

RJN said...

This is truly an indication of the impulse purchase mentality of our society. The only other thing it could possibly be (rationalization alert :-) ) is that they wanted to sell travel oriented electronics, and rather than having a store front like many other airports, it was cheaper to place a vending machine. It still boggles me that someone "has to have" a $200 - $300 item that they can't wait. Of course Debbie and I are not impulse purchasers,otherwise it would be "iPods for everyone!"


Heather said...

The rational side of me says, "This is ridiculous." The apple loving, can't-go-a-day-without-my-iPod side says, "Yeah, baby!!!"

In our airport we have this cool store with a bunch of little booths where you can plug in your iPod and download stuff from iTunes. It's nice if you want to get a movie to watch on the plane or something.

Sniz said...

I've never been one to spend a premium for last-minute convenience. The practical side of me always thinks about how much cheaper I could get it for tomorrow at Walmart. Actually, when it comes to things like this, I'd be more likely to just decide my life is complete without it. Although I do love my DVR and it would be really hard to go back! But it's fun to watch stuff like this...I always wonder what stuff people will think of by the time my kids are my age.

EEEEMommy said...

Not me, nope, not ever!
You know, I totally wouldn't have even thought about the charging and uploading. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to actually purchase something from this machine, and then not be able to use it?! I thought it was frustrating that I had to wait for my battery to charge before I could use my new camera. Reminded me of Christmas as a kid when mom & dad forgot to buy batteries! :(

Sissy said...

I think my husband would love it, and I admit that I do love my iPod.

Apple is one smart company. Who knows what they will think of next?

ohhollyf said...

Ha-ha, anything to keep sanity in an airport, but i don't have swavy tech stuff, we still watch videos lol

RJN said...

Of course I do love my MP3 player :-) Debbie bought me an iPod a few years ago and it broke within a year (the hard drive went bad). At that point I made the jump to a regular MP3 player - mostly due to price. It is a "neccesity" when I travel and great at the gym and when cutting the grass. I haven't gone so far as to purchase music online though. I mostly rip music from the CDs we have already purchased.


Zach and Julie Anderson said...

is that for real?

Debbie said...

Julie...that is 100% real. It was at DFW.