Friday, April 4, 2008

Does this count as spring cleaning?

Why is it, that no matter how big or small the bag/pocketbook/handbag/or whatever the trendy way to call a purse is these days, I always end up with this:

In this pile you can find half eaten cheezits, half pieces of unchewed gum, full pieces of already chewed gum, broken crayons with grease stains from "you name it family restaurant", unused Gap and Target gift cards for the kids (well,um, maybe they might have been used by me..shhh, don't tell), pens without caps, pens without ink, pencils with no lead, an unused pack of kleenex, and more than likely some used kleenex, a package of antibacterial wipes, an empty tube of carmex, a tin of altoids, scrunched up receipts and undone "to do" lists (note I said "lists", note I said "undone"), a cell phone that I never seem to have turned on except when I want to hear the theme song to "The Office" which is my ringtone, as if I haven't told you that a million times, a wallet with no cash and too much change bulging from the side, some keys with a yellow coiled bracelet that I use to (a) help me locate my keys in my purse when I haven't misplaced them someplace else and (b) wear on my wrist so that I don't lose them walking from wherever to the car when I get distracted by the kids. And, really, what is a woman without a pair of Cookie Monster undies that have been in her purse for two months that by way don't even fit. My son, not me.

Out with it. What's in your purse? You don't have to mention the unmentionable products we need monthly. It will gross out my three man readers.

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Sniz said...

You are so funny, Debbie. I find myself with nothing to write about, when all I need to do is think up something funny like this. But I can't. I also have several paint chips and tiny fabric sample squares from the time that I HOPED I might be able to redecorate...six months ago. Oh, and an empty travel bottle of hand know, the kind that makes you feel better about rushing your kids out of the Walmart bathroom without washing their hands because they have taken 10 minutes already and you have been shopping for an hour and just want to go home? Yeah. That kind. I'm sure I'm teaching good things when I pull out that empty bottle and pretend to squirt some on their hands so that people don't think we're "that kind of people". Yeah. Good times.

Jennifer said...

Debbie, you crack me up! I didn't have time to comment on your Wed. post but... I have NO IDEA what my excuse is, I have been doing things like that for a LONG time, before kids, before the gray hairs, etc!

As for my purse, bag, satchel, pocketbook, I might be the only one I know who carries two at once! I have the medium "Lighthouse" tote bag from Lands' End which I love! It's my diaper bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag. Then into it goes.... Jonathan's stuff: diapers, wipes, matchbox cars, leapster, tissues, small set of crayons, sm notebook, keys, girly things, gum, lotion, "NAMiTS" game (great for waiting times it and see, no "e" in namits), gum, more matchbox cars, cuticle cream, small hairbrush, assorted hair thingies for girls and I, eye drops, glasses cleaning wipes. THEN into the bag goes MY purse, a smallish Vera Bradley (gotta love bday money!) in which I carry my wallet, altoids (the dark choc covered ones YUM!), pen, checkbook, cute little compact of three Burt Bee's tinted lip balms, cell phone, checkbook at times.

So that is my bag! I actually like carrying both together, it keeps my purse clean inside the tote bag and then when I am going somewhere, just me, alone, quiet car, no kids tunes, no passing out of snacks, no bickering over whose side of the seat someone is on, GEE! I think I need some alone time. :) ANYWAY, when it's just me I can grab my purse out of the tote and then not worry that I have forgotten something.

Enjoy your day and your weekend and see you Sunday.

Jennifer said...
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Lee Ann said...

This is SO true. I just purchased a new purse...bigger than any purse I've ever owned. I'm almost did a post about it because two days later it wasn't big enough. Even my husband is always handing me stuff to "hold" in there.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been lurking on yours for weeks :-) Loved the post about your ditzy moments. I caught myself putting the ice cream in the microwave last night. At least I figured it out before I shut the door.

Kat said...

Oh, I so hate to carry a purse. I have no shoulders, so they never stay on...and I'm too lazy to carry one. I do use a backpack purse if I have to. Lots of times I just shove my visa, my cell, my DL and my keys in my pocket and go.

Jennifer P. said...

Laughed lots at this! I took and issued this challenge a couple of months back, and besides a paint deck--I had nothing interesting in my purse. I went and threw an ice cream scoop in it just so I would have something "not normal" in there :)! Sadly, my purse is a lot like my house and there's just not a lot hanging out in there that's not useful or beautiful--though I must say your Cookie Monster undies are both--hee! hee!

What personality!

Kelly said...

I am totally laughing at myself right now......I am sitting here .....reading along, and thinking this woman ( you ) is so much like me.....her purse, the diet coke, and this song ...what is the name of it I think, it is one of my faves, and now I am thinking wow it is one of yours, lol yeh it is hanna montana, hahaha one of our kids' songs.....we are such awesome Moms!!!! It is great when you get in the car on the rare occasion that the kids are not with you and you will STILL put in their cds and sing along.......your other songs on here are all of my
favorites too, great choice!


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Hey - I have little boys underpants in my purse, too. The ones in my purse are currently Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Elmo. Think some people would think we were creepy weirdos?

They don't have a small son who is afraid of the auto-flushing potties then. ;) I'd carry a suitcase of changes of clothes if it would fit. ;)

Hope I didn't gross out your man readers.