Saturday, April 5, 2008

another peek inside my brain

Do you ever wonder why we crave and actually eat breakfast food for dinner, but we never crave or eat dinner food for breakfast (other than cold pizza)? Think about it. Haven't you had a bowl of cereal for dinner? I have. Recently. And we all know why. (ahem, the little matter of the leftovers that were left out all night). I have even had pancakes and eggs. But I can guarantee that you will never hear me say "Rise and shine everyone. We're having dijon pork chops over garlic mashed potatoes and spinach salad this morning." Ya know what? That actually makes my stomach turn thinking about it. Excuse me for a moment.

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Evi said...

You're so silly...that's what I'm starting to like about you!

paperjunk-lc said...

I love breakfast for dinner! And that purse in the post below it realy cute!

Trish said...

Hehehe, dijon pork chops for breakfast! While it sounds yummy, i'm just not up for all that work in the morning. I have been known to eat restaurant leftovers for breakfast.....ohhh yummmmmy!! Especially Olive Garden leftovers.
And I am the queen of "breakfast for dinner" especially cereal. I would eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I didn't have kids nutritional needs to worry about.
Thanks for the peek inside your brain, it's good to know that my brain is not the only one that operates like that!

Debbie said...

Evi... Just keepin it real.

LC...See you proved my point. You said you loved breakfast for dinner, but you didn't say if you liked dinner for breakfast ;) Thanks for the purse props.

Trish...Did you just say you eat Olive Garden leftovers for breakfast? Now I really need to excuse myself.

Trish said...

Sorry about the Olive Garden, but yummy!!

It is crazy to know that we live clear across the continent from each other, have never met face to face, but are becoming "friends"!

DC is such a huge tourist area, I bet you locals get tired of it all sometimes and just wish everyone would stay home! I do hope for a DC trip for my family, but probably not until my boys are a little older, maybe 10 & 14. I lived in Atlanta for a year during high school and made it up to the DC area once, but my husband has never been there, and he and our oldest son are American History buffs.

I had that Route 44!! I drank all the soda and then was nursing the yummy ice and my sister thought I was done and dumped the ice down the drain...........;-( Oh well.

Happy Monday! i'll be looking forward to more peeks into your brain!!

Gina said...

Debbie, I'm de-lurking myself!
I can't beleive Tish drank all that pop! I had to warn her that I was not stopping until we got home- then we had a craving for rootbeer floats and I had to stop. Good thing I did, the kids thought they were going to explode! They didn't have anything close to the Rt. 44!
Sonic was yummy. Who would think to put canned chili, cheese, and Fritos into a tortilla? Who would think to order it? Who knew that they would consider making it at home for lunch?
In my defense, ice is bad, bad, bad for your teeth. Ask me, I know! And there was a stray Teddy Graham in it. Someone adulterated it before I even got to it!!!!!

EEEEMommy said...

I actually have a friend in Marylad who got into the habit of eating the dinner left-overs for breakfast every morning years ago (he's in his 60s now). His metabolism is so fast and he needs a big breakfast; when his wife just couldn't do it every morning before he had to leave for work (5am), he just started eating dinner for breakfast. It's crazy to see him do it!
One reason I crave breakfast at dinner is because I'm too tired to go to the effort to cook a big breakfast in the morning, but I still love pancakes and waffles etc. Really, I love BRUNCH! ;) We do breakfast at lunch a lot around here, but then dh gets jealous that he missed out. HA!

On the flip side, since I cook dinner almost every night, I don't need to crave it in the AM...

EEEEMommy said...

P.S. Normally I turn down the music because it's hard for me to read and listen at the same time, but I was excited I didn't this time when I heard 10,000 Maniacs! :) Great song!! Now I just have to sit here until I finish listening. ;) LOL

Sissy said...

I must admit that I have no time clock when it comes to food. I can eat steak at breakfast and eggs for dinner. I can eat Olive Garden for breakfast...bring it on. The thing I have is a temperature issue. I don't want a COLD breakfast...I want a hot one and hey, that leftover piece of chicken sounds just fine.

Debbie said...

Sissy, will you actually heat up a piece of chicken and eat it for breakfast??!!???

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, that makes me sick just thinking about it. I do love any cold casserole in the morning, though. Never understood people eating steak for breakfast. But then, I don't eat sausage, either.