Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New York, New York

Ah New York. It's where my husband grew up and where one of my faithful readers who happens to be my sister-in-law lives. Home of the Yankees, the Empire State building, Broadway, Hillary Rodham Clinton (carpetbagger), and now "Client #9." Ah New York. Great town. Strange state. Did you hear the latest from HRC? She is now proposing a combo ticket with her and Obama. And get this, with her as President! Oh yeah, you heard right. My goodness, what are she and Bill smoking? Last time I checked Obama had the popular vote and more delegates. Why would HE ever be HER VP? I tell ya, that lady is obnoxious has moxie. Someone please, please make her go away. I can live with Obama as President, but I cannot take any more of the Clintons.

And oh my, what played out on the news yesterday with the governor of NY, now known as "Client #9" was sickening. The details in the paper today are as lurid as any TV show. How sad was it watching yet another innocent political wife "stand by her man" for the regrettable missteps of her husband that oh, by the way, were not only immoral but illegal. Missteps that he prosecuted to the fullest as Attorney General of the very same state! He has busted up prostitution rings! What a flipping hypocrite. One thing is for sure, he's got some 'splainin to do not only to his wife but more importantly to his three TEENAGE daughters who are living a nightmare right now. That's just so unfair. He needs to resign today and get some much needed help.

This wasn't what I intended to post today, but I just can't help myself. I am so sick of all politicians right now...

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Jennifer P. said...

Amen! Hated hearing the details of the Spitzer case unfolding yesterday and thinking about his family. Children should never have to be ashamed of their father.

I got a laugh over Hillary's "moxie" too--though I have to disagree. I don't know that I could live with Obama as our president. Not that I want Hillary, or McCain for that matter. I'm such a constitutional scholar that all their views terrify me. There's a reason we're the most blessed nation on earth, and it was by adhering to the principles the founding fathers set forth. Not pushing them aside like they were stupid idiots that didn't know what they were thinking about and didn't understand "modern" thinking. All history repeats itself, and nations always collapse when central government takes away too many individual choices. WHEW! Didn't know I was going there!!!

I guess I could delete all this or just direct people over here and call this my political post for the day :). Sorry if I'm starting to stir any pots on your page!

Sooooo.....New York! I'd love to visit. Hear it's gorgeous out in the country!

Debbie said...

Hi Jennifer! Oh I'm not voting for Obama for the reasons you mentioned. Our founding fathers were brilliant in setting up this democracy and had reasons for everything they did that SHOULD hold true today. But being "Progressive" has trumped TRUTH in many people's minds. As my Mom says, we will be holding our noses all the way to the voting booth for a certain Republican candidate. There I said it.

Heather said...

His poor family!!! Seriously, I would tell my husband to deal with it on his own. I see her standing next to him and she looks so broken. He's so slimy.

And I agree. If Hillary becomes president I will move to Canada. In fact, none of the candidates do a whole lot for me.

Anonymous said...

hey Deb
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