Tuesday, March 11, 2008

as heard on the playground

So I'm sitting on a park bench today while Kyle plays on the playground. There is a set of three year old twins with their grandmother as well who just so happens to be sitting next to me. We chat about the weather (of course) and the flu etc. Then the three year old little girl walks up and points to a wagon that happened to look just like theirs. Then she proceeds to mutter, "stupid people." Yes, out of the mouth of the three year old. My jaw drops. Granny says "why did you say "stupid people?" Little girl says it again. Granny says nothing, nada. Not even a gratuitous "that's not very nice" for the sake of the stranger (me) sitting there. No correction. No nothing. So yet again, my theory has been proven. Rude kids come from rude parents or in this case, rude grandparents. Unbelieveable.

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Jennifer P. said...

Rude children---HUGE pet peeve of mine! No wonder there are so many foul-mouthed, irresponsible adults running around....

Don't know about you but even "stupid" (unless someone really deserves it!) and "shut up" are no-no words around here.

Debbie said...

They are "no-no- words in our house also. However, my daughter heard me say the word idiot this morning. I was having cryptic conversation with my husband about Eliot Spitzer and called him (Spitzer, not my husband!) an idiot...My daughter overheard it and quickly reprimanded me. Sometimes these things come back to bite me in the tooty tot.