Friday, March 28, 2008

I've waited 16 years for this!

This is the kind of weird stuff that swirls around in my brain. Since it seems like some of my "friends" now live in my laptop, it occurred to me the other day that, I know how these people express themselves in words and have gotten a sense of what type of people they are through those words...(all good peeps or I wouldn't read them or recommend them on my blogroll). I know things about their families, their lives and sometimes what they look like. BUT, I have never heard them actually utter a word. In my mind, I imagine what their voices sound like when I read what they write. And that is based on the type of person I sense they are. But, I have never heard the cadence, the tone, the sound, the pitch, a drawl, or a whatever-you-would-call it in New York and Canada. Have you ever thought about that? Probably not. I know. I'm weird. (And NOT COOL according to my friend Tracey. Good thing I know her in real life. Or maybe that's worse. Hmmm.)

I don't generally have these thoughts about high profile people. Except for one. Chelsea Clinton. She came to live at the White House in 1992, and because Hill and Bill were so fiercely protective of her, rightfully so, she was shielded from the public and the press for most of the time she lived in the D.C area. She has led a fairly private life, and as a result, unless you know her, most of us have never heard her speak a word. Until now. After 16 years, I finally got to hear what Chelsea Clinton sounds like after she told off answered an audience member's question while out on the campaign trail for her mom. If you didn't see it on the news as I did, I found it on You Tube to share with you...

MEOWCH! Now, I have to say. I am a Chelsea fan. She is poised, smart, and born into a family she couldn't choose. But after hearing this clip, my first observation was that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Her voice, her mannerisms and her stealth delivery were a page right out of the Hillary handbook. I agree the question was inappropriate and out of line. BUT, she could have responded a tad more gracefully with, "That is a private family matter that I don't wish to address" and moved on. Lucky for me, this brouhaha made news that I happened to be watching at the time, and my 16-year old wish to hear Chelsea speak has been fulfilled. Lame. I know.

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paperjunk-lc said...

I kinda liked the gloves off response. She seems to have weathered all the rhetoric very well. But you're right she is Hillery dead on.

Kelly said...

Nope not lame at all.....I actually thought the very same thing when I saw briefly the clip and then had to leave so I never heard her speak, and I left feeling like I wanted to hear her *voice* more then what she had to say...haha, now that is lame!!!
But I see she is very poised and articulate.....very nice.


Anonymous said...

I was so proud of her for speaking up like that. I've never been a big "Clinton" fan, but I'm now a Chelsea fan!! ~Jill