Tuesday, March 4, 2008

But, Mommy, where's my tooth?

Lemme just get this out there. I don't do teeth....pull them that is. I won't go near them. That's what husbands are for. When Lindsey has a loose tooth, she works that thing until she can pull it out herself. Or she and Bob will have these pre-bedtime sessions where they push it back and forth or up and down or sideways or twist it all around until it finally relents. Ok, now I'm giving myself the heebie jeebies. For Lindsey, pulling teeth can also be part of her morning routine. Before school one morning last year, she came downstairs and said "I went potty, combed my hair, brushed my teeth, oh and Mom, I pulled my tooth out. Here it is." I gasped and told her that my bare hand will not touch it so place it on the counter until I can get my tweezers thank-you-very-much. Ick. Kyle is more like mama. A wimp. He has had his first loose tooth hanging by a thread for the last couple of weeks. We (well Bob, not me) kept trying to get it out, but Kyle refused to let anyone near it. He liked the idea of the tooth coming out but didn't want it to actually come out. Complex, I know. So imagine how absolutely thrilled I was when his method of tooth removal involved no pulling, no strings and doors, no wiggling, no blood, nothing other than a bite into a sugar cookie. Yup. Not much difference between a tooth and sprinkles right? Went right down with all of it. Here's the thing, I didn't notice it was gone for well over an hour after we were done with lunch. And neither did he. When I finally noticed it was gone, I did a double take and started cheering that his tooth was gone. He was excited, but then he stopped and said "But, Mom, where's the tooth?" "Uh, buddy, I think you ate it with your sugar cookie." "Oh." That's all he had to say, "Oh." It didn't creep him out to think that thing was buried in his belly....nor did I tell him how it was going to make it's way out of his belly either. Of course, Lindsey's main concern was how the Tooth Fairy was going to take the news that there wasn't a tooth for her to pick up that night. So what does any concerned big sister do? BUTTS in, of course. She left a note under Kyle's pillow letting the Tooth Fairy know that Kyle had in fact swallowed his tooth but please leave him something anyway. What did he want from the Tooth Fairy? Two toothbrushes. Yup, no cash, just TWO (not one) TWO toothbrushes. So an emergency call was placed to the Tooth Fairie's husband to stop at Walgreens on his way home from work to get two Hot Wheels toothbrushes. And in case you were wondering, I haven't seen the tooth again. But I haven't looked either. Double ick.

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Zach and Julie said...

Okay, first of all I had to wait to post something to you, because I wanted to finish listening to the Sundays. Ha ha. So fun.

I guess my biggest question is when do their teeth start coming out? Eli is not mentally prepared for anything like this what so ever! I think he is a year younger than Kyle, so I have a year right???

Lindsay is so precious to write a note to the tooth fairy for Kyle. I am impressed, and love the fact he wanted toothbrushes!!!

Your kids are so cute!!!

veronica said...

We had the same thing happen in our house with Tim swallowing his tooth at a restaraunt with friends. But unlike Kyle Tim freaked and was so upset that the tooth fairy might not come. We finally assured him the she would still come and all was better. So funny!

Debbie said...

Julie, that is so funny about the Sundays! Kyle is 5 1/2 so he is 2 years older than Eli. Kids start losing their teeth between 5-6 years old...sometimes a little later but not much. Those big teeth start pushing their way through causing the baby ones to be loose.

Veronica, when Tim is playing in the NHL, you might need to produce that story for the montage they do on his childhood. It's too good to pass up. Very funny.

Sniz said...

You said it. Ick! The tooth fairy has really been slacking around here. She "forgets" all too often. We tell the kids she has too many appointments and will get to them eventually. All but the youngest (9) are on to us, so we just pass them a dollar when the little one isn't looking. :-)

Jennifer P. said...

I had a son swallow a tooth while taking a drink from his water bottle. I think the same not was written--except substitute gum for toothbrushes!

I fairly enjoy ripping my children's teeth out though. Hope you don't think less of me :)!

Kelly said...

Yes it is always a major crisis here too when those things start popping out of their mouth.....and if it sheds blood, good grief.....it is just like a bad movie in this house!