Thursday, February 7, 2008

"The Office"

Ok, I have to tell you, this TV writer's strike needs to end soon. The only "appointment TV" I have is the "The Amazing Race" which has ended and "The Office" which hasn't had a new episode for months. Tonight I really wanted a fix....not a rerun, a new one. Yes, I know there is absolutely nothing edifying about the show because it can be a tad raunchy (I'm being kind), but the writing and the deadpan comedic delivery are brilliant. Bob and I have been in tears laughing at some of those episodes. So, tonight, I decided to do a post about it, and the first place I went was to YouTube. (I'm amazed that you can find just about anything you want (or don't want) on that site.) All I wanted was the theme song (it's my ringtone on my cell phone dontcha know) and came across this clip from Reliant K which is a Christian rock band. They actually do a parody to the theme of "The Office." Reliant K likes "The Office!!" Who knew!? So for for all you Jim, Pam, Michael, Phyllis, Andy, Kevin, Angela, Oscar, Meredith, Creed, Kelly, Ryan, and lest we not forget Dwight Shrute fans, this is for's hilarious....

Michael Scott
Pam and Jim
ya got me glued to my television
Angela you're way too cute to be messing around
with someone like Dwight Shrute
Reliant K and the Football Hall of Fame are from Canton
Won't someone please transfer us to Scranton?


Zach and Julie said...

Deb, I totally agree with you!!! We miss the office too and cannot wait for it to return!!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss it too, sniff-sniff, Holly