Sunday, February 10, 2008

a character star, a leader, a reader... oh, and me

Big week here in our house for awards and accomplishments:

Lindsey was awarded the Character Star for her class this quarter. We attended a breakfast and award ceremony at school last Friday. This is the second time she has received it since the school-wide program started when she was in kindergarten. It is nice to know that she is considered to uphold the cornerstones of good character consistently and by different teachers. We are proud of her.

It's also nice to know that executives do sometimes get recognized for hard work. Bob received a leadership award last week at a company wide meeting held at the Homestead Resort (while I was on my deathbed). He was an integral part in facilitating the divestiture of part of their company last year...for him it was all in a day's work, but for his boss, he worried about nothing because Bob took care of everything. It was a very pleasant surprise to him. We are proud of him.

Kyle hit a huge milestone this week. He started reading. I mean reading everything. His pre-school's curriculum includes teaching phonics, and after months of uttering the sounds of all the letters ad nauseum, he finally put it all together and started reading words. We have some Clifford and Dora readers that Lindsey used when she first started to read, and he just ripped right through them one night leaving me speechless. It all just clicked. His teacher is so excited and has been sending home "extra work" for him. Why is it that his teacher can send home flash cards and extra books to read that he wants to work on immediately, but when I suggest doing that stuff, I am greeted with "not now Mom?" Makes no sense. Anyway, he is reading everything everywhere we go which is both good and bad...gets a little scarey when he is trying to sound out words on the headlines of tabloid magazines at the grocery counter, but I can't squelch his enthusiasm. Seeing your kids read for the first time truly is magical because their world just opens up. We are proud of him.

He also learned to play Monopoly Junior this week and cannot get enough. However, he had some tycoon like moments that included suspicious cash handling and bending the rules to his benefit...Proud? Umm, not so much...but glad he can count his money and collect $2 everytime he passes "Go."

What did I accomplish this week? Nothing. No one is proud of me. (Spose to be funny..ha ha hee hee)

So there you have it.....


Courtney said...

wow!!! we are proud of ALL of you - especially YOU - for supported your family so very well!

Zach and Julie said...

just remember they wouldn't be where they are if it weren't for you!

Debbie said...

ya know, i always forget about that...i keep thinking that my life is one big laundry pile and the only thing keeping me sane is thinking of things to write on this blog...

RJN said...

I am really proud of Debbie and all she does for our family and our home. On a lighter note, here is what the Norberg's home would be like without Debbie:

- A fine blue couch and recliner from my single days
- I'd still have tee shirts and shorts from my college days
- Lots of white golf shirts
- White walls.
- Glade air freshner in every room

And of course, I'd be sad because I wouldn't be spending my life with my best friend. I love you pookie.