Wednesday, February 13, 2008

life lessons

Life Lesson for Lindsey:

Lindsey: Mom?
Me: Yes?
Lindsey: How old you do you have to be to get a credit card?
Me: Whaaaat? Why do you ask?
Lindsey: I was just curious.
Me: You have to be old enough to pay the bill every month...all of it....
Lindsey: Oh.

Life Lesson for Mommy:
I'm to blame...I never use cash, well, 'cause I never have that monthly float on our purchases and the accumulating airline miles. Alas, it's coming back to bite me in the tooty kids think the money tree is plastic and of the Visa/Mastercard species.

It's always "sumthin" isn't it.


Anonymous said...

oh i luv the music !
Credit cards oh no Mr. Bill lol
Titus has a dr. appt Fri. @ 2 in Landsdowne, could i pick up Noah then ?
This has nothing to do w/ ur great blog lol Holly

Debbie said...

thanks for the encouragement, Holly...i needed that...