Tuesday, February 12, 2008

commander- in- chief conundrum

What do you do when you don't like any of the potential presidential nominees? I want to go vote in the primary today, but I don't like any of 'em. HRC...uh, we all know how I feel about her. Obama...well he's ok, but I don't agree with anything he says. John McCain...who's he kidding...he is a "pretend" conservative....So that leaves me with Huckabee who espouses alot of the same beliefs I have, yet leaves me a tad uneasy for some reason. I can't pinpoint it, but it's enough to keep me from casting a vote for him. Unfortunately, like many conservatives, famous ones at that, I don't think I am going to vote today. I just can't bring myself to do it when I'm not confident in any of them. Sad isn't it.


Jennifer P. said...

I feel the same way. I'm a bit of a talk radio addict, and it makes me so depressed to hear them all just talking about not voting, or somehow using our vote to get the worst person in office so we can get someone new and better in in four years. This will probably be the first year since I was eligible I won't vote. I'm just pretty scared I won't even recognize our country in four years.

Hmmmm....you probably weren't expecting all that, huh? :)

Thanks for stopping in again!