Friday, February 29, 2008

salon chair chatter

Ya know…the next time I go get my hair cut and restored to it’s natural color (because repeat after me, gray is not my natural color nor will it ever be) I need to bring a notebook and write down all the things I hear the other patrons talking about while I pretend to be reading my book. Seriously, I try to concentrate on what I’m reading, but then, ya know, somebody says that one thing that catches my attention, and there is no going back. Today was one of those days, and here's what I scratched out on the back of a gas receipt as overheard between the shampoo girl and another patron…(they call them clients…Clients belong to lawyers and accountants, don't they?)

Patron: “Do you know where the Dona Manor is?

Shampoo Girl: "Oh, yeah that’s near where I take my dogs to doggy daycare."

Patron: "Oh, you take your dogs to daycare?"

Shampoo Girl: "Yeah I take them twice a week. It’s like, so good for them. The day care walks them, feeds thems and like, schedules playdates so that they, like, get socialized with other dogs and people. It’s so great...giggle giggle."
(Are we talking kids or dogs? I'm not sure she even knew.)

Patron: "Oh."

Shampoo Girl: "I sooo love your haircut."

Patron: "I do too. I’m having so much fun with it."
(Huh? What’s that supposed to mean? It was short...not much you can do with it.)

So for an hour and a half, I moved my eyes to and fro through my book, turned pages, comprehending, but to those around me, I was the lady breezing through her book minding her own business.

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Jennifer P. said...

I love listening to other peoples conversations too :)! My husband and I do regular Saturday lunch dates and puposely like to get sat by young couples to hear what they're up to. Funny! Doggy day care--that sounds like a good use of money!

Kelly said...

HA! You should have said you *home school * your doggies, and now they are LIKE soooooo smart, lol.


have a great weekend!

Courtney said...

that's so funny...can't wait to hear the next one!

Sissy said...

Omigosh. I hate when the stylist starts asking me stuff. Do they really want to know? Not really. And I would rather watch my hair getting cut then making up chatter for them. I think someday I might create a fabulous fake life, just to have something interesting to talk about. My curly, frizzy hair benefits from their cutting skills, not their conversational skills. But I admit, I would have been transfixzed by that exchange as well.