Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good news/Bad news

Good news: My nephew Chase has been invited to one of the most elite baseball camps in the nation at Stanford University this summer. It is personal invitation only to about 200 of the best ball players in the country. Wow.

Bad News: It is the exact same week that his summer select team is playing in a national qualifier for another prestigious tournament. Both of which are full of professional and collegiate scouts. Wow.

Can't wait to see him play when we go to Dallas over spring break..one game will be a slugfest against a rival high school...and the other game will be held in the stadium where the Texas Rangers play....that is the difference between NOVA sports and Texas sports...they get to play on a grand stage...Oh and we get to meet his sweet girlfriend.....Lindsey is grossed out that her big cousin has a girlfriend....that's right, Lindsey, you keep on thinking boys are gross...

Love this pic....