Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ava Victoria

I need your help. I need a calvary of prayer warriors to pray for a little girl named Ava Victoria who is 16 months old and is the daughter of some very good friends of my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. She is currently at Children's Hospital in the Dallas area after suffering a stroke that has left her with some permanent brain damage. She was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare disease (affecting 1 in 2,000,000 people!) called Moyamoya which is a narrowing of the blood vessels in the brain. If caught early, the patient can undergo an operation to reduce the possibility of stroke. In Ava's case, she has already suffered a stroke, and the prognosis isn't usually good when that happens. However, when you look at pictures of her, you cannot tell that she has ANY brain damage. I believe with all my heart that is one small miracle manifested as a result of her parents faith and those around her praying for her recovery. She has the most precious kisspads for cheeks and a smile that I am convinced is the Light of Lord shining through her. There is no doubt in my mind that He has a mighty plan for her of their friends has already said he had never prayed...until now. Isn't it like the Lord to use his littlest warriors to bring those He loves closer to him. God is so good. There have been many twists and turns to this story before her ultimate diagnosis. She could have been diagnosed last summer but wasn't and is now hanging in the balance as a result. If you are so inclined, please click here Ava Victoria to read their journey, see her pictures, and lift them up in prayer. Her pictures and their story will melt your heart.


Courtney said...

wow. i hate stories like sad. i will definitely be praying for them and reading their website. thanks for sharing.