Wednesday, January 23, 2008

embarassment of riches

I heard this on the radio this morning, and it makes me sick.

Shaq (basketball player for the Miami Heat) makes $2 MILLION a MONTH.
His monthly cleaning lady expense is $22,000. That is $264,000 a year...Where do I apply? He spends $1,500 a month on cable. How is that possible? Doesn't he have a package deal??? I mean isn't cable/satellite $100 plus $5 extra for each TV??? He spends $17,000 a month on clothing. He obviously doesn't shop at Kohl's and Target. He spends $23,000 a month on gas. That is alot of cars and driving. Do think he has his own pump on the grounds of his 80,000 sq foot house?He allegedly spends $110,000 a month on family vacations. How does he do that when he plays basketball for 8 months or so? Oh that's right, he always gets hurt this time of year and takes several months off to heal (wink wink)returning just before the playoffs...oh would you look at that, he IS hurt again. That kind of spending is obscene...He could single handedly feed a starving nation and not miss a's just not right....Oh, and he is getting a divorce. Big surprise.


Courtney said...

man, that makes me sick to my stomach. seriously.