Monday, January 21, 2008

looking back

Monday holidays are good and bad especially when the high temperature is expected to only be 20 degrees. They are good because it is an excuse to have a jammie day and be lazy since you don't have to go anywhere. They are bad because it is an excuse to have a jammie day and be lazy since you don't have to go anywhere. We have had a pretty laid back weekend...went to see the Veggie Tales movie on Saturday ($50 bucks for a, Lindsey went to a friend's house after that and made the "biggest snowman ever, I swear Mom." Church, football and dinner at the local steakhouse on Sunday...and then came along Monday. Lindsey has been asking for several days to watch video footage of her as a baby, so that is what we did...for five straight hours...I kid you not. The only time we got off the couch was to eat lunch...and here's the thing...we only saw video up through August, 2001 when she was 15 months old. I am sure I don't have that much footage of Kyle in that time frame...he was too high maintenance for me to pick up the video camera...but I digress...He probably won't care anyway...he tired very quickly of watching "baby stuff." He wanted to see big boy stuff....The funny thing about watching those home movies was how wistful I felt for those days, but I quickly remembered how difficult it was. We never take video of sleepless nights, countless feedings, diaper blowouts, never being able to eat in a restaurant because we had the only two kids on the planet that wouldn't sleep peacefully for us out in public, and never getting to go out alone because we had two velcro kids....nope none of that is depicted on those sweet home videos. What I did see was my sweet peanut learning to crawl, walk, and talk...varying iterations of my furniture arrangements and longer dark hair that has now become shorter and blonder (a premptive strike against gray and a fabulous colorist)...and as Kyle was quick to point out, "Daddy had hair." and half years have gone by quickly...good thing I'm 44, Bob is "fixed", and I got rid of all the baby stuff because I could have been weak enough to want number 3. Actually, we are in a good place with the two kids we have, and I am thankful we have those memories to pull out and enjoy on frigid winter days.

This is our younger selves at Christmas 2001.


Courtney said...

wow! that's so fun!