Thursday, January 24, 2008

double standard?

Sometimes I just cannot help myself....the good thing about keeping this blog is that I can write what I want and get things off my chest regarding lightening rod issues that upset me. Here is my latest:

Ok, it has been established that I am a huge sports fan and love listening to sports talk radio (as does my friend Heather who I can talk sports with!! Hope she is reading!) I listen to a show on ESPN radio called Mike and Mike that is clean and funny. Well, they had a roast one evening a couple of weeks ago with lots of ESPN types there...alcohol was flowing etc. One of the "roasters" was Dana Jacobsen who is a female anchor on an ESPN morning talk show who evidently had a bit too much to drink and rattled off expletives towards Notre Dame and Jesus...actually saying "F" Jesus. Really low class, intoxicated or not. Now here is my question: Where is the outrage about her comments from the public? Why wasn't it on the national news??? If she had said the same thing about Muhammed or the Jews or African Americans there would have been a firestorm of controversy. Just ask Mel Gibson after he opened his liquored-up-mouth and rattled off anti-semitic slurs. It made every headline in every paper, internet column, magazine, and news show immediately. That story didn't die for weeks and has arguably tarnished his star. I bet most of you haven't even heard this Dana Jacobsen story until now. And that's my point. It shouldn't surprise me that our Savior and creator can be so blashpemed, and the general public doesn't care. But, it always does, and it truly grieves me. Perhaps, that is my naivete. I have to keep reminding myself that, sadly, we live in a lost world. However, here is the ultimate surprise for those who minimalize believers like me and don't believe the Bible is the Truth: God is the one in control.


Ron said...

I didn't hear a clip from the actual roast, but I was under the impression from other coverage I have seen and read that she said "F" Notre Dame, "F" Touchdown Jesus -- referring to the iconic mural that overlooks Notre Dame's football stadium. So I could be wrong, and don't want to be splitting hairs in the classic Clintonian ("I did not have sex with that woman") fashion, but I don't think she meant it as a putdown of Jesus/Christianity.

In any case, I did see coverage on several sports blogs and also saw ESPN reporting that she has been disciplined by the network. You are correct in that her remarks didn't get as widespread coverage as some other incidents have garnered, but Dana Jacobsen is not nearly as well-known as Mel Gibson (who has a long foot-in-mouth history of both anti-semitic and homophobic slurs).

Your main point is still a valid rant, though ... these types of intolerant slurs always get more play in the media when they are directed at a minority group.

Debbie said...

Hi Ying,

From what I heard on a local sports show here is that she said: "F" Notre Dame, "F" Touchdown Jesus and then did continue on with "F" Jesus. I haven't heard any clips either. I did read this morning that she was disciplined, and yes, she is more obscure than, say Mel Gibson, but if she had insulted the Muslims, as obscure as she is, my feeling is that it would have been picked up everyhwere.

Debbie said...

In case any of you are wondering, Ron is one of my very good friends from college. (His nickname is Ying...I cannot exactly remember why, though. College haze.) Although we probably have polar opposite views on many things, I highly respect him and his I always enjoy hearing his perspective on things...