Friday, January 25, 2008

hoops, biscuitville, and a sippy cup

Now that football season is coming to a close, I can start paying attention to college basketball. Bob got his MBA at Duke and was there in the early 90's during their back to back championships (I think. Or was he there for just one of them? I forget) So, obviously he is a fan, and as a result, I have become a Duke fan as well. (Stop groaning all you Terps/Tarheels and everyone else that loves to hate on Duke.) When Lindsey was about 18 months old, we took a trip to Durham, NC to visit the campus. One thing we learned on that trip: don't ever take your 18 month old daughter to a really fancy restaurant like we did when we were down there. We ate early (earlier than even the early birds) to avoid bothering other people, but as the older stodgy dinner crowd began to arrive, we heard the server tell the large party sitting nearby, "Oh, don't worry, they are about to leave." Lindsey was acting up, and it was embarassing, but she wasn't that disruptive. Sheesh. However, when we went to Biscuitville the next morning (that is honestly the name of the is North Carolina after all), Lindsey stood on the bench seat looking at the people behind us then proceeded to throw her sippy cup at them. We were mortified and left the premises immediately. She occasionally asks if she would be able to attend Duke...we tell her, "yes, but it is tough to get in so you have to study hard, get involved with other things and hope no one on campus that day in November 2001 remembers you."

Have you ever seen a bench this ginormous? It was in one of the quads in front of the dorms. That thing just dwarfs her.

This one was taken on the grounds of Cameron Indoor stadium appropriately named Krzyzewskiville after the head coach. (I didn't want to have to type his name again.) I think she was more interested in the rock she was holding and the fact that she had on her new "shoos". She walked around campus telling anyone who would listen, "see my new shoos."

Hey it looks like one of the opening shots of Dawson's Creek during the last two seasons...well actually, we took this one...but the exterior shots for Joey Potter's college were in fact taken at Duke. This is the Duke Chapel which is one of the more recognizable landmarks on the campus. It's gorgeous...and look at that blue sky...

Well, thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me.