Saturday, December 15, 2007

You're still alive, 25!

Went to Bob's hockey game last night...All Lindsey kept yelling was "you're still alive 25." yeah, that's Bob's number...i guess it's an appropriate cheer at "Old Timer's Hockey"...stayed afterwards to watch the local high school games...oh my...they make Bob's game look like it is played in slow motion...those boys are SO fast, physical, and bounce right back up when they fall down...not so much for Bob's crowd...well, Bob was 16 once, played like that, dislocated his shoulder getting hit against the boards, popped it back in and kept when he dislocates it, it is in his sleep, thinks he can pop it back in, passes out, leaving me to call 911 for help...oh yeah, happened two years straight...once on Christmas morning at 1:00 a.m...rolled over in bed in his sleep and out it popped...have you ever seen a dangling arm out if it's's disgusting...thankfully Santa had already arrived and my Mom was here to watch the kids because we spent the night in the ER where the same doc who had to put Bob's arm back in it's socket 12 months prior was there and reiterated the need for him to go see an orthopedist...he finally did and the doc took his needle and thread and stitched him back together...hmmm, how did I get on this topic? Oh yeah, high school ice hockey...very fun to watch, action packed, and full of giggly girls travelling in packs cheering on their team...or let's be honest, their current crush...fortunately, Lindsey thinks boys are gross right now..hope it stays that way for a long time....