Thursday, December 6, 2007

i can't help myself

but I am busting at the seams. In the last few months, my nephew Chase (the baseball player) has received letters from many colleges informing him of their interest in him possibly attending their school and playing baseball for them. The latest is Stanford. They sent him a letter after he won the MVP of the tournament he played in, in October...My sister and her husband just figured it was a generic inquiry to all the top players in Dallas. Well, actually they are seriously interested in him because of his excellent grades and his baseball skill...that is the kind of school that isn't going to let the minimum academic student in just to play sports...they have now contacted his coaches to ask about him. How cool is that? I, of course, told my sister that if they offer him one dime, he HAS to go. Have you ever been on the campus of Stanford? It is beautiful. San Francisco is breathtaking...and a Stanford education speaks for itself. So we will see...he is still only a junior...just took his SAT's for the first time last week and will be taking the ACT this weekend...oh I don't envy him...all that stuff is no fun, but there is no doubt he is going to end up somewhere on a scholarship playing ball...we couldn't be more proud or thrilled for him...he of course is so level headed and doesn't let the excitement of it all affect him which is a good thing....he is a quality kid with a great future...and if he makes it big, he better remember his aunt debbie :)