Sunday, December 9, 2007

i'm "back"

i'm on the mend...thanks to lots of rest...I was up and about last Thursday, feeling really you know what that means, yup, I was up and about doing more than I should and was in some pain Friday...took Friday, Saturday and part of today to do absolutely nothing and that has been a huge parents have the kids so Bob and I had a quiet night last night, got take out...watched a movie.."The Holiday"...very cute...a chick flick that even Bob liked..slept in today...and have been trying to catch up on everything...i mean everything...putting up the Christmas decorations this year has been an absolute chore for me...i don't know why I can't get into it...i started putting decorations on the tree a few minutes ago and stopped in the middle of it to do this...don't they call that ADD? i guess i better focus before my babies come tomorrow really Monday? Oi, I've lost a week....i really need it "back"...oooo that was hard to resist....