Monday, October 15, 2007

a safe place

"Falling asleep in prayer is no problem. You can rest in God's presence. Besides, next to the heart of God is a good place, a safe place, for sleeping." --- Richard J. Foster

This is oh so comforting to me as I am heavy hearted today, don't know what or how to pray for what I'm feeling, and just need to fall into the arms of the Lord for rest....


trudy said...

Dear Deb,
I read your blog. I pray you feel better today.
It seems to me you have a birthday my memory serving me right? If so Happy Birthday!

Also I saw and old friend of ours over the weekend at a open house for private girls school...Frank McFaden, he longer works for Marriott. He has 2 daughters one in 8th grade and other in 7th. I knew his wife Joan worked for Marriott too. I ask about her. He told me he lost her 15 months ago to sad she was only in her early 40's. Chat with you soon my friend.

Debbie said...

Hi Trudy! Today is much better thank you! And you have a good memory...My birthday is in fact tomorrow, the 17th,...big 44. I certainly remember Frank, he was a Penn Stater, and I remember his wife Joan as well... I am sorry to hear that she died. Wow. That really hits home. She was my age as a matter of fact. I cannot believe his daughters are that time sure flies. Thanks for checking in on me! It means alot.