Thursday, October 4, 2007

i'm pitiful

I love second grade so far. Lindsey is learning so many meaty things....she has already had three math tests (timed 5 minute-100 math problems each and she has only missed two problems on each test..proud mama!), one spelling test, one test on "Communities", began A/R tests two weeks after school started, and tomorrow she has a test on "Weather." And we have only been in school for a month. Now the sad part for me: tonight I reviewed and quizzed her on the material for her weather test that included "The Water Cycle" and the definitions of cumulus, cirrus, stratus and cumulonimbus clouds...and I didn't know any of it! The water cycle is precipitation, accumulation, evaporation, and that order...i never knew that clouds formed from condensation from the rain that accumulated and evaporated...i'm so lame...and as for the names of the clouds...forget about it...I had to pull out the Tommie Depaolo "The Cloud Book" to review it with you know which clouds are highest in the sky, feathery and look like mare's tails? Yeah, well I didn't...did you know that cumulus clouds are ALWAYS flat bottomed, ever changing, and look like cauliflower? Yeah, well I didn't...i could go on...but if I do, I will expose even more of my ignorance ;).


trudy said...

Dear Deb,

I love the stuff about weather and clouds. Your little ones and my grandchildren are being taught so much more in elementary school. they teach elementary schoolers what they use to teach jr and senior high.
It is such a good show on Fox.

Debbie said...

You are so right, Trudy! I am waiting for the day that she comes home with a homework question that I am unable to answer....I know it's coming but hopefully, that will be awhile from now....I aready have an answer for her.."Ask Daddy." :)