Tuesday, May 29, 2007

not much to say today

played "Hullabaloo" with Kyle about 50 times, played hot wheels, played several games of "Candyland" where I was not able to advance to Queen Frostine if I drew her card because Kyle had to be the "leader" and if he drew a card that sent him packing down the board, he gave it to me...sounds fair huh...lost every game of course...went to get paint for another project, ate lunch with Lindsey at school and all I can say is that 7 year old boys are G-O-O-F-Y...they cannot keep their hands off each other...lots of rabbit ears behind each other's heads..oh and lots of "Dude, listen." (eye roll)....and this was my laugh for the day...the headline on the MSN page that appears on my screen when I log on...it went something like this..."Rosie will never speak to Hasselbeck again." That was headline worthy??? Are you kidding me???