Monday, May 28, 2007

Junie B. Jones- Part Two

Forgot to follow-up on the Junie B. Jones saga at school. I sent a note to Lindsey's teacher asking if they were in fact reading that particular book and expressing my concerns over the inappropriate language and content. I also suggested one of the 50 jillion other books that could be read instead of THE one that talks about "arresting drunk" people...a word that Lindsey has never heard nor does she need to learn about in first grade! As it turns out, it was the resource teacher in the class that works with kindergartners and first graders that selected and was reading the book aloud to the class so she responded to my note. She told me that she has had concerns from parents over the years about these books (I expected that) and that they use them as a learning tool in teaching what is right and wrong. This was a read aloud...not a guidance lesson on making right choices...As I replied back to her, taken to an extreme, I don't let Lindsey watch PG/R rated movies with inappropriate things as a lesson in what is inappropriate. So, I agreed to disagree with their philosophy of introducing these books to first graders. Lindsey and I discussed that this book was not one that we thought was appropriate for her, and fortunately, she understands what to filter. Do you know the very next day, they continued reading the book aloud?! Sadly, I expected that. Lesson learned for me...I have to stay on top of this stuff, choose my battles wisely, pray alot, and not worry about what the teachers are saying behind my back...I am the only advocate my child has.