Sunday, May 27, 2007

start of summer

School really should end by Memorial already feels like summer and yesterday was one of those hot days spent doing water things...last summer, we bought a large water slide for the kids to use in the back yard when mama doesn't feel like trekking up to the pool...they couldn't wait to get that thing out yesterday at 9:30 a.m. I was dragging it out of the basement after the long only takes five minutes to set up...they spent the afternoon on and off it while I went shopping for hardwood flooring...we are ripping out all that ugly old carpet upstairs never to be seen again...I am going to have a bonfire in the street once it is gone....

Today has been another lazy day, church this morning, water slide time for the kids while I read on the deck and Bob went grocery shopping (I have it made!) This afternoon, Bob took Lindsey to play nine holes of golf as part of her birthday present. She is permitted on the course now that she is 7. She was very excited about using her golf clubs for more than just the driving range, but I think she was most excited about getting in the golf cart!