Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chase Durham

Remember that name...He is my 16 year old handsome, talented, and very smart nephew. This is a picture that appeared in the sports section of the Dallas Morning News yesterday after Chase slid safe into homeplate electrifying a packed stadium. He is a stud sophomore playing varsity and their team is on the road to the Texas State Championship. Lindsey just asked me if he was going to be a famous baseball player someday. Ya know what, he just might be. He is a very gifted baseball player (and that isn't just the proud aunt in me talking, that is fact), but more importantly, he is a young man of character, faith, and leadership that any college and professional team would be lucky to have. And that too isn't just the proud aunt in me talking, that is fact.


Anonymous said...

Such an exciting moment to see Chase. He is truly an all around American young man and we are very proud of him.

He used to run me up and down our pipe stem when he was two years old throwing balls for me to catch -- that I usually missed and had to run for. He could catch the ones I threw to him but took great delight in seeing me running after the ones I missed.

Love Mom