Saturday, May 12, 2007

"My Special Mother" by Kyle Norberg

Remember Ad Libs...those tablet things that required you to finish sentences usually irrelevant to the topic inciting laughter by all...well, here is the pre-school version as dictated by Kyle to his teacher at school about me.

My mother is the most wonderful mom in the whole world.
She's pretty as a glove. (I hope that is a leather glove trimmed in fur!)
She weighs 114 lbs. (hmm haven't seen that in awhile) and she is 5 feet tall (well 5'2 but who's counting.)
Her favorite food is spaghetti. (I thought he would say "Diet Coke"... a note to my PSU pals: some things never change)

When mom was a little girl, she used to like to
be a princess all the time. (I'm sure he is thinking of Lindsey...princesses weren't around when I was little)
Her favorite toy was probably a baby rattle. (actually, it was my Barbies)

She makes me laugh when she tickles.
I wish my mom would play toys with me every day! (I do, I do!)
I just love when she cooks chicken nuggets (yeah Buddy because that is all you will eat!)

I wouldn't trade my mom for the sun. (awwww!)

I love you Mom!! Happy Mother's Day!!