Wednesday, March 7, 2007

"serenity, now!"

Remember that from Seinfeld? I am officially sick of snow and snow days trapped in the house...there isn't enough to shovel or to play in. Our day has consisted of group coloring, multiple rounds of musical chairs, watching Little Mermaid, giving Lindsey her pre-test for spelling, practicing for her math quizzes, making sure Kyle doesn't impale himself with his froggy scissors and repeatedly asking him not to walk on the couch. Truth be told, one of the most interesting things we did today is track Lindsey's rookie musher for her school project on the Iditarod. It really is interesting. Overall, the day has been good, (I didn't crack open the wine until 6 pm) but let's just say we better have school tomorrow...because when mama is happy everybody's happy.