Thursday, March 8, 2007

the lullaby

Yesterday, during our snow "storm," Lindsey and I had a what I am sure will be one of a million more mother-daughter conflicts. This time it was 100% percent my fault. She went crying upstairs, and I followed her to talk and ask her forgiveness. While we were sitting on her bed talking...well I was talking, she was crying...Kyle came out of his room and said, "Lindsey, I'll sing you a lullaby"...he got his purple plastic guitar, and strummed the following:

Go to sleep little Lindsey
have a good, blah, blah, (we weren't sure what he was saying..we think he said "have a good snore.")
Go to sleep George Washington, (yes, I swear that is what he said)
Go to sleep.

Lindsey and I busted out laughing. It totally cut the tension. When he saw that, he said, " Ah Lindz, (that's what he calls her), now you feel better." It was a great moment...Lindsey will forever have a "knight in shining armor" not only in her Daddy, but in her little brother! What a blessed little girl...