Monday, March 19, 2007

"I miss "uncle"."

Uncle Stephen in the snow. Grampy, it is a good thing you weren't here! You would have been very, very cold.

Uncle Stephen, Lindsey and Kyle with his "CHEEEEEZ" grin.

Bob firing up the grill for dinner.

We had quite the weekend with "uncle" here, as the kids like to call him...the shock of a freak snow storm, a power outage while cooking dinner Friday night, grilling steaks in the snow Saturday that were intended to be enjoyed in the spring warmth on the deck with a Corona in tow, lots of shooting hoops in the basement, speed stacking, golf practice (also in the basement,yikes!), and the perpetual drone of the NCAA tournament in the background. Lindsey filled out a bracket this year, (has Kansas going all the way) but selected Pittsburgh to win one of the games over the weekend. She couldn't understand why Mommy was rooting against them because, after all, I should be cheering for HER bracket. Uh, Lindz, a Penn Stater never, ever cheers for Pitt. Uncle Stephen left early yesterday morning to go back to sunny LA and his lovely wife and two beautiful little girls. But, there are two kids here in Virginia that woke up this morning and said "I miss uncle."