Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Daddy, do girls play hockey?"

This is Lindsey at her first Washington Capitals hockey game with Daddy. She is so into ice skating and hockey right now. She even checked out a book about hockey from the library! Of course, her Daddy and her Grampy couldn't be prouder. She even made her debut on the Verizon Center Jumbtron...who can resist a cute little girl at at a hockey game waving a pink number one foamy thing. Kyle stayed home with Mommy, but all he wants is a "BLACK, number one cap finger." Yes, it has to be black...He's a nut...The picture below is of her in front of a picture of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith...kind of weird.


Bob said...

Lindsey was definitely excited about the game. All during the game she held up her Go Caps foam finger and yelled all of the chants like "Let's Go Caps!" She is fascinated by the Caps goalie, Olaf Kolzig (aka Olie the Goalie). Now she taken to calling Kyle Olie. Kyle is picking up on her excitement and is asking about skating and playng hockey. Grampy is going to have to break out the old goalie equipment next time he comes to visit us in VA.