Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Dr. No"

My day ended up alot better than it started. I sometimes call Kyle "Dr. No" because he can be quite the contrarian when he wants to be...he was that way this morning when I was trying to get Lindsey off to school...everything was "NO!" ugh...Needless to say, I was happy to get HIM off to school ASAP. So, we are driving to school.. I'm happy because I ditched the kids CD that Kyle has "requested" we listen to over and over and over and over and get the picture , and I'm happy that I am about half an hour away from treating myself to a Super Big Gulp Diet Coke with lemon when all of the sudden Kyle starts throwing up in the car...over and over and over..again, you get the picture... Uh, that wasn't in my plans. (Might I recommend that antibiotics taken on an empty stomach may not be such a good idea...I just couldn't get him to eat anything this morning...consequently...well you know.) I turned around, went home, cleaned him up, cleaned up the car...and took him to school...he was fine...(Bob was going to read to his class today, that is why I was so intent on getting Kyle to school.) After I dropped him off, I rolled down the windows, got my "sodie," listened to Tony Kornheiser on Washington Post radio, and ran some errands...for what seemed like 10 minutes because I had to go pick up "Dr. No" soon thereafter.The day did get better, because the weather was fabulous, and we got to play outside for about three hours...So glad spring is here...and that no one is throwing up...