Sunday, March 18, 2007


I am doing a Bible study on the book of Luke, and every chapter we study, we are asked to memorize a Bible verse. Lindsey hears me walking around the house repeating it and will "quiz" me on it occasionally. She hasn't done that for awhile, but today after church, she and I were sitting at the island in our kitchen when out of the blue she asks me, "What's your Bible verse, you know, the one you have to memorize for Bible Study?" Wow, that was piercing. I had memorized it, but not really "stored it in my heart" like we are assigned to do. So, sadly, I have forgotten it by now. Lindsey's stealth words were convicting to say the least. I just kept shaking my head in awe that the Lord used a six year old to keep me accountable! A SIX YEAR OLD! Now that is humbling....