Tuesday, February 27, 2007

relieved, grateful, humbled

I am not exactly sure if anyone is really reading this so I may be talking to myself. Nonetheless, I cannot adequately express how relieved, grateful, and humbled I am for all that has happened with my son in the last year. God knew what he needed and who he needed here on earth to help him in just the right time. We know he still has work to do, but I am confident this journey over the last year will be a story we tell him when he is designing some great building or maybe when we call him "doctor". But more importantly, I cannot wait to tell The Prince about the year 2006 so that he can include it in his testimony of how God has been faithful to him since before he could understand that he has a loving Heavenly Father that has had a plan for him all along. He was "woven and spun" for His purposes...and To Him goes every bit of the Glory....