Wednesday, February 28, 2007

a purple plastic guitar and a microphone

You know you are the parent of a "tween" when your ringtone on your cell phone is the theme from Hannah Montana's "Best of Both Worlds." Grampy, we need you to build us a stage in the basement. Singing to "High School Musical" on the hearth,well, you know, we are "performas," we need to be on the "big" stage....who needs video games when you have a purple plastic guitar and a microphone!


Anonymous said...

I could hug them. They are so cute and make a good team. I miss playing with them. We need a playdate.

Love Grandma Kay

Anonymous said...

I didn't post anonymously as you can see. I must have check the wrong identity. Ha!

Love Mom

Emma Garcia said...

i love your kids. they are sooo adorable. (:

sefbob1 said...

Just give me the dimentions and you can make the curtains. Did you want keigel(?)lights with that?