Monday, February 26, 2007

little brothers... gotta love 'em

Much to the delight of my kids and I, today was another snowday! This morning we decided to run a couple of errands, Target and Costco, before playing outside. I usually dread taking them with me, but they were really good.... we didn't have one case of the "gimme's." As we were getting ready to check out of Target, Lindsey stopped to look at a woman's bra. (I have no idea why) . Noticing what Lindsey was looking at, Kyle yells over, "Hey, Lindsey, that's a band aid for your privates" and proceeded to laugh hysterically....4 year old little brothers...gotta love 'em!


kay mercuro said...

I couldn't stop laughing at Kyle's perceptive description of a bra. (bandaid for privates). Out of the mouth of babes.

Love Mom