Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Idol chatter

This is gonna be easy ladies:

Syesha is setting herself up for a terrific career on Broadway. That girl can sing, and she can perform. However, she is not a contemporary artist that you want to listen to on the radio. She should stay this week unlike:

Jason Castro. He has gotta go. He botched up both songs, didn't seem to care and doesn't deserve to stay. His next career move is as a between-the-shows singer on Noggin where he can sit on a stool with a guitar, swinging his hair to and fro while singing to puppets. I have been a fan of his all along as I think he has a distinct voice and style that he could parlay into a lucrative career. But, he is so immature and isn't taking it seriously enough. He is going to look back on this one day with regret and CRINGE. From forgetting lyrics, to goofy interviews and mannerisms, the guy is no where near as polished as:

David Archuletta. He was good. Really, really good. And, he is a pro. But he is 17. And he lacks any type of stage presence or charisma, unlike:

David Cook. He wins. Today. Hands down. He sang that song from The Who better than The Who. I will prepay to buy his first CD. Other than Daughtry and Carrie Underwood, he is my absolute favorite Idol contestant. Ever.

OK. I'm done now.

Time to get back to blogging your mommy duties, or your job, or whatever it is you do in the mornings.

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Lula! said...

As I've said before, I don't even watch Idol...but I do check out David Cook's performances on You Tube and he is indeed awesome. Right there with ya--love him, Chris and Carrie. Would love to see a rocker win it for once.

Jennifer P. said...

I am just so afraid for David Cook. He is amazing. But he seems happily married and down to earth, and just by the changes I"ve seen in him since the competition began, I'm afraid he's one that might let the spotlight go completely to his head. The amount of confidence he's gained has made his performances ever more awesome, but I also see that "I sure am the best" gleem in his eye. I'd hate to see him as one of those miserable, addicted, has beens one day.

Loved David A's performances. I do like to close my eyes and just listen to him though, because he is kind of weird to watch.

Never been a huge fan of Syesha. THink she's pretty forgettable--especially now that she took away her interesting hairstyle.

Poor Jason. Loved where you saw him heading! I think that fits. He just seems to be one who thinks that no matter what happens he's "made it". And maybe he has.

Elena Manwaring said...

LOL!!!! You are funny! Poor, poor Jason. I think singing a second Bob Marley after the lashing he got for the first one just did him in. I've been a big fan too, but yep, he's getting the boot tonight. (And against Syesha, I'm so sad.) Syesha sure has stepped up her game though, although like Jennifer, I wish she'd bring back the hair. But she'll be a big broadway star for sure. And I really don't care which David wins, they are both great and such different styles. I'll probably buy both their CD's.

Kat said...

I think David A has an amazing voice...but I wouldn't buy his CD. He kinda falls into that Josh Groban category for me. David Cook is awesome...and I've thought it would be him all along.

It's too funny that you say Jason should sing kids friend just emailed me the same thing! I can see him doing well with that :-)

Tiffany said...

I am totally with Jennifer P on this one.. I too close my eyes to watch David A.. he is a bit Clay Aikenish for me visually, but I like his voice.

I have the same hopes for David Cook... please people, keep your feet on the ground!

Sissy said...

I love DC as well. He is our favorite.

Let me brag a little bit and tell you that I taught Fantasia when I taught high school! My one and only claim to fame.

Heather said...

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. David Archuletta is a nostril flarer. I can't watch him. I cringe. I hope David Cook wins and Jason really needs to go. It's painful to watch him now. He's not even trying anymore. Syesha is good, but yeah, her future's on Broadway.

Julie said...

Okay, this is my third try trying to type something... this window tell me that it cannot publish it for some reason... it is all written in Hungarian and i have no idea... ugh

So, I have been trying to post that I live in HUngary and don't get to see the show until the next day. I love reading your comments though, very fun. I wanted to say that I think David Cook is the best, I have all along, but I hope he doesn't win so that he can get a contract on his own terms.

Someone also said he was married, where did they get that from. He said on Idol, answering a question from a caller, that he was single. So, not sure about that comment, would like to know where she got that information...curious :)

And I forgot what else I wanted to say. Okay I am cutting and pasting this post so if it doesn't work again, at least I can keep trying without having to type again!

Kelly said...

You know I really really really like Jason, but sometimes his actions just make ya wanna yell in his ear* WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!*
I wanted him to win ( even though I do not even watch, my Husband usually is yelling whats going on from 3 rooms away )but I guess Jason was just sweet and innocent, oh and had great teeth.......and I saw some wonderful potential in him. I agree with the one who posted one day he will look back at this .....I wonder if he will think he should have taken it more seriously or if that is just his happy go lucky attitude? he is just hard to figure usual!

Love ya!!