Friday, April 18, 2008

Suh-prise Suh-prise!

This is Barry. He is one of my man readers. He is also my brother-in-law. He turned 45 on April 7. And because I didn't try hard enough to reach him while he was traveling I was sick, sick, sick on my deathbed, yeah that's it, I was unable to wish him a Happy Birthday on the exact day. Oh yes, I sent a card. And, I called when he got home later that week. But apparently that doesn't count in man world. Because he always calls us on our birthdays. And oh yes, I heard about it. So I told him that I would make it up to him by honoring him with his very own post. Thing is, I didn't tell him when or here goes:

* He has been in the family for 23 years.
* His middle name is Lynwood.
* He went to high school with the basketball player Allen Iverson. Well, they went to the same high school. Just in different decades. Minor detail.
* He took my sister off our hands is married to my sister Michele.
* He moved my sister and nephew to Dallas 17 years ago. I still haven't forgiven him. Job, schmob, and really, what's a couple hundred thousand dollar price difference in housing costs?
* He put up with phone bills between my sister and I that maybe perhaps were a teensy weensy bit too high before unlimited calling was the norm. Oh, and my bill was just as much.
* He coached my nephew Chase's baseball teams from the time he was 6 years old until high school. And put up with ALOT. From the parents. Not the kids.
* He roots against my alma mater, Penn State, in football just to bug me.

*He played baseball on scholarship at George Mason University. Yes, the same George Mason that went to the Final Four two years ago.
* He was drafted by the Texas Rangers out of high school but didn't want life in the MLB. Ironically, it is a very real possibility that his son will be in the MLB someday. Yes, he's that good and is a nationally recognized ball player.
* He is responsible for helping raise the finest 17 year old you'll ever meet. (We'll look past the Easter egg incident for the moment.)
* He loves my kids...that's why he is wearing a princess crown and letting Lindsey get a picture of it. We'll just move on from the part where I didn't ask him if I could post it on the internet.

* He loves his family.
* He reads my blog, unlike, ahem, my sister.
* Oh, and the best part, he wears bifocals now.

So Ladies, let's give my terrific brother-in-law Barry some happy belated birthday love.

Hit it girls....

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Barry!
Happy Birthday to you.

Now THAT is a happy birthday wish!

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emily said...

Happy Birthday, Barry. You may have passed on your chance to play major league ball, but now you are famous on Debbie's blog. What a trade off. Seriously. Your very own post. Surely that makes up for the late bday wishes.

RJN said...

Happy belated birthday Barry. Always fun to visit the Texas Durhams. Of course that usually means having to drink my coffee out of a Carolina coffee mug that always seems to be in the front of the cabinet when this Dukie visits :-)

Anonymous said...

This is the Brother In-law and a former lurker only!

OK, first things first...I do NOT wear Bifocals! (I do have an eye appt on Monday but right now, at this very moment, no bifocals). I just called Michele and learned that Debbie came up with a list of my life all by herself! Pretty Impressive...except for the erroneous bifocal part!

Thank you Debbie for the BELATED birthday with! I forgive you. :)

Anonymous said...

This is pretty 2nd blog post in my life...all within 15 mintues!

...about the Carolina Coffee Mug...

It is true that I have one but I really don't drink out of it very often but when I know Mr. RJN is coming I will move it up to the front of the coffee cup rotation just to bug him.

Anonymous said...

Well, Barry, at least your father-in-law and I sent you a Bday card on time. Truth is -- I can't take the credit though. Dad is much better at remembering birthdays than I am.

Oh well, we all wish you a very blessed year.


Sissy said...

Debbie...I so love you and your posts. These last two are great, in different ways. I love our bloggy family!

Sorry Emily posted a spoiler, but you gotta agree that the Office rocked last night!

Sniz said...

I'd say you made up for it, Debbie. This was a cool'd think a list about a person whom I don't know might be boring, but not the way you wrote it.
Happy birthday, Barry!
I hope you read this!

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Barry...the bifocals are coming, just admit it. If you can wear a crown, you can take bifocals like a real man!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all of my new found blogger friends! I didn't know my 15 mintues of fame would come because of my FAVORITE sister in law!

About the bifocals....I know...I know...they are coming in 48 hours


Kat said...

Because you can never have too much to blog about (as if your life doesn't give you enough fodder!)...I have "tagged" you for a meme over on my blog. You can hop over to see the "rules" and if you'd like to participate. Or not. :-)