Wednesday, April 16, 2008

out of the archives

I don't have alot of time to blog today so I decided to pull one out of my archives. I apologize to "the 5 faithful readers" who have been with me from the beginning and have already read this. To the rest of you, I must warn you it isn't a funny one. It is a sad one, but I have been thinking alot about this family lately and wondering how they're doing. I will find out and let you all know.


The Box was stamped H.R.
July 26, 2007

and "H.R." is an abbreviation for "human remains." Inside the box/coffin was the body of an 8 year old boy being transported home via plane to Dallas after drowning on a family vacation in Mexico. Kind of sobering, huh? This little boy was the brother of one of my nephew's friends. He was running in and around a resort area to meet up with his mother and siblings, tripped, fell and hit his head, landed in a jacuzzi and drowned. Either no one saw him in there or they thought he was just swimming, but he wasn't found until later. So very tragic. How do I know about the box? My sister's friend Judy is a baggage handler for Continental. She was working one evening last week, saw the box (sometimes they arrive in coffins), noticed it was small, and although she said she doesn't usually look at the name, she did this time. Yes,it was the body of this little boy...her son knows this family as well. She unloaded the box and waited until later to break down and cry. Can you imagine? I have trouble getting these images out of my head of this little boy tripping and falling...and then of him coming out of the belly of the plane all alone in box stamped "H.R." As a Christian, I know that this child's eight years were all that God ordained for him here on earth. We don't know why the Lord decided to bring this child "home" before his life got started, but God does nothing on accident. You can guarantee that He will use this little boy's death for His greater purposes. Here is one "God thing" that struck me already, that boy's remains were taken off the plane by someone who knew who he was...not by a stranger. Of all the flights, on all the airlines, at any given time, his body was taken off the plane by a mother who knew who he was...handled with care....there aren't many baggage handlers that are mothers. You don't think God knew that? As a parent here and now, all I can see is the incredible pain those parents must feel now. Unimaginable, unbearable loss...So if you are so inclined, please pray for this family.

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veronica said...

this still gives me chills! I hope that family has begun to heal and that god is looking over them.

Kelly said...

Oh Debbie! I hope that family has somehow healed during this time.....but it for sure was not an accident that the Mom who knew him was the one to handle it all.....

Blessings & ((hugs))

Sniz said...

I'd say you have more than 5 readers!

But this story is horrifyingly close to home since it could happen to anyone. One day you have a son, the next you don't. I loved your observation of the mother baggage handler. I will pray for this family.