Monday, April 28, 2008

no bifocals necessary

I just learned how to restore my 20/20 vision. I increased the font size on my own blog. Now, that's all better. No need to go visit that eye doctor now is there?

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Gina said...

Do you think I could adjust the left side of my "life screen" and get away with out these stupid glasses? I could just not be blind that way!

ohhollyf said...

LOL, good use of text size.
Honestly your post's are easy to read. Maybe I should adjust mine, too.

Jennifer P. said...

That's convenient, isn't it?! :)

It's been so much fun reading over the past posts I've missed. That COstco story was hilarious! And about the gas--in my mind I should still be able to fill up my mini-van tank for $18.50--not $48.00!!! Sure glad we went to war for all that oil...

Finally, THANKS SO MUCH again for the amazing comments you continue to leave on my blog. You are such an inspiration and your kind words speak right to my heart.

Lots of love to you!

Kat said...

I like the font size you are using...might have to go and adjust my own...if I can figure it out.

Kelly said...

Oh your font size is fine! You have a very easy reading blog! Love it!!!!


Connie said...

hahaha! Must be those 44 year old eyes we have! (no need for reading specs yet!)

Tracey said...

What a relief, I will now cancel my appointment at the eye doctor.

p.s. It was $64 to fill up the Volvo yesterday. I am no longer going to look at the receipts for gas