Thursday, March 20, 2008

A visit with Ava

Well friends, my daughter, sister, and I had the absolute privilege of going to meet Ava and her parents today. She is home permanently now after a three month stay at two hospitals and is doing miraculously well. She is still adjusting to a new routine as are her parents given that their life looks a whole lot different than it did just a few short months ago before Ava's stroke. I have to admit that I managed to hold back the tears...not tears of sorrow, but tears of awe and joy in seeing how mighty our God is. In late December, this sweet baby was dying, now she is thriving. Sure doctors, therapists and specialists can facilitate that progress, but we know who the REAL doctor is, don't we? Happily, her cognitive development and speech are developmentally appropriate for an 18 month old. All I could say was, Wow! It appears that the brain damage she suffered has mostly affected her mobility as she cannot sit up by herself, crawl or walk. But she will. Oh yes she will. You mark my word. That child is a miracle, and she will walk again. Jill and Shane still covet our prayers, and specific prayer requests can be found on their CaringBridge site. (see sidebar)

I took a quick video of Ava playing "This little piggy" with Lindsey. It cut off at the end because my memory was full. Of course it did. Because I am a ding dong. But you can get the essence of how sweet she is from this short clip. (Scroll down to the bottom of this screen to pause the music so that you can hear the clip.)

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ohhollyf said...

Wow God has been Good !

EEEEMommy said...

I love miracles! She's a beautiful one! :)

Sniz said...

So sweet! What a precious girl. I'm so glad you had this opportunity!

Hey, there's an award for you at my place. Come and pick it up anytime!