Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sweet Escape

Okay cyber friends, we are almost packed and ready to leave for Dallas. Are you? Ready for the trip that is? You know you are going with me dontcha? My husband is bringing his laptop so I will be blogging. For now, I leave you with a fun song...."Sweet Escape" (get it) from Gwen Stefani...I have no idea what she's's just fun....happy chair dancin', and I'll see y'all later!

PS. My friend Tracey asked if we were driving...No way Jose. We flew the friendly skies.

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ohhollyf said...

Yeah, that's a fun song. i started my own blog today. I may swipe some of your sidebars, Lol

Sissy said...

Thanks, Debbie for the song recommendation from Casting Crowns. I had never heard that before, but it really speaks to where I am in my life right now. I went to iTunes and now it is on my iPod. I cried through it the first time and prayed through it the second.

Have a great trip!

Kelly said...

Safe travels!!! keep us posted!


Sniz said...

I WISH I was going! I know you'll have a great time...I can't wait to hear about it while you're there!

LuLu said...

Have lots of fun! Love the FUN song

Jennifer P. said...

Have great fun in Dallas! I love that city!